Consumers ‘should make gaming a friendly encounter’

Make your Mini Mii
Make your Mini Mii

Make your Mini Mii

Personalisation is what gaming is all about these days, be it on a social network or a console.

Playing games is not as much fun on your own as it is with a group of mates, so that is what you should be looking for when purchasing your next title.

There is plenty of personalisation in games today, just look at the Nintendo Wii.

Gamers who regularly play on this console will no doubt have their own Mii character modelled on themselves, complete with messy hair and glasses if that is their desired look.

There is an array of titles to get stuck into with your mates, such as Wii Sports Resort, on which you can go back to the dark ages and do battle with swords, or have a water scooter race while significantly reducing the chance of getting wet, unless you’re playing outside.

And according to Michael French, executive editor of, personalisation is what it’s all about for the future of social gaming.

Being in control of a business or a farm while sitting in front of your computer and not risking your neck carrying a bale of hay into a field or taking the plunge with some company profits can only last a certain time.

But Mr French said: “Other games that incorporate yours and your friends’ scores, which gets them playing as well – that’s the main driver.”

People love to take on a challenge, be it on a table tennis game on the Wii, or in a Scrabble match against your bestie on Facebook.

But it is not just about your skill in the game, the creators also need to have had some when they designed the title to keep you coming back for more.

Mr French added: “One of the key priorities for these companies now is to make sure they maintain the quality, so that when people are referring their friends to play this game or saying ‘this is my score, how good can you get?’ their friends enjoy it as well.”

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