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Having my toffee apple and eating it

The best value social-life saver?
The best value social-life saver?

The best value social-life saver?

I am getting very excited. It’s Bonfire Night tonight and I can’t wait.

6.30pm kick off and fireworks display starts at 7pm. I love Bonfire Night, from the smell of the fire and waving sparklers to the ‘wooshing’ and ‘ahhing’ noises from the crowd and the food – it’s all great! Are any of you attending a firework display this weekend? What’s your favourite part of the night?

In fact, the only down side of the whole night is that I’ll miss out on some great programmes. Or at least, I thought I would miss out. That is until I found the cutest little gadget on our site that now means I can enjoy one of my favourite nights of the year and still get to see all my programmes. I know I’m sad, but these small things give me great pleasure!

Anyway, this recession-friendly device is a Xenta Freeview PVR and USB media player – quick find 225560. For less than £20, I can record my programmes straight to my new hard drive. The timer also means that I can set it up for the exact time I need it, rather than recording loads of useless TV before the faves come on, great stuff.

There’s even a parental control…not that I’m thinking of having kids any time soon, but for some of you that could be a really useful function.

Anyone have any more ideas for TV/social life clashes? Personally I think this is the best value product out there but I’m willing to be proved wrong!

Have a great Bonfire Weekend and if you see our guys handing out free mugs of hot chocolate in Goole, be sure to say hi.

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