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tablets and TVs

Welcome to the Tech Round Up from – This week we take a look at 2 stories in the world of tablets, plus a guide to what you need to know when it comes to 3D TV.

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Samsung Galaxy 10.1 – Will it be cheaper than iPad2?

The report that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was going to go under the knife for some last minute fat-trimming to take on Apple’s impressively thin iPad 2, were stirred by a quote allegedly from Lee Don-Joo, the executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile division. Speaking about the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s ability to fight with the iPad 2, Don-Joo said: “We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate… Apple made the iPad 2 very thin.”

Accordingly to Samsung spokes person, the plans for shipping the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will remain unchanged, although no release date has been officially unveiled. But will Samsung’s shaken confidence result in a discounted, iPad-beating price tag?

What is your preference – Apple or Android? Leave a comment below.

3D TV – What you need to know

There have literally been too many updates on 3D recently to put into one piece, however we have tried to summarise them below.
Panasonic have claimed that the sales of 3D TV’s have already exceeded HD sales, while Samsung recently revealed that it was leading the market having sold over 2 million sets already.

Samsung believes that the reason why 3D TVs have caught on so rapidly is because 3D is addressing issues that stopped HD from being so successful, such as 3D films being released and available on-demand and pay-per-view, which HD was slow to roll out.

3D’s fame has also been exacerbated because it provides the ability to watch sports in 3D with channels like ESPN now offering events such as the Football World Cup full 3D.

The electronics giant Toshiba are looking to responded to the issue that viewers have because they need to wear special glasses, and are set to create a product which will cause other 3D hardware producers to follow. Currently no statements can be made on this. Toshiba haven’t announced plans to make public the product outside of Japan yet, so the Japanese market looks like it will be leading the way in audio visual consumer technology.

Firstly – Sci-Fi

The long awaited conversion of the famous George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise in 3D has finally got an official release date of 2012.

The project comes as no surprise, with Lucas also set to convert the Indiana Jones films into the three dimensional format. However, for many fans to tinker with series for a second time is over stepping the mark.

And Sports

This year the Wimbledon finals will be filmed in 3D so lucky viewers with HD 3D TVs and possibly cinema goers will be able to get all the action from Centre Court in three dimensions.

Sony has teamed up with The All England Lawn Tennis Club so it can bring 3D tennis from the Wimbledon championship in 3D to suitable cinemas in a move that is sure to be popular with tennis fans who cannot all squeeze into Centre Court.

The company will produce the men’s semi-finals, finals and women’s finals in High Definition 3D, working with SuperVision Media, its theatrical distribution partners, to roll out the tennis to 3D cinemas across the globe.

Check out this CNET UK video on 3D TV

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