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How ‘appy are you with mobile phone software?

On a scale of 1 to 10...

On a scale of 1 to 10...

Can you get enough from apps if you don’t own an Apple gadget?

Applications seem to be the name of the game in terms of one of the main benefits people can receive from a mobile gadget these days. But is there enough out there to keep us informed and entertained if we don’t own an Apple device?

Samsung recently announced more than 100 million apps have been downloaded from its mobile and TV app store less than a year after its launch, which came in June 2010.

However, this seems to be a fairly small total compared to Apple’s App Store managing a massive ten billion downloads, although it has been open since mid-2008.

So there certainly appears to be plenty of people taking up the opportunity to see what all the app fuss is about and there does seem to be functions for just about everything these days.

From downloading an app where you can choose your favourite knots – yes, as in the things people used to teach you about at Cubs or Brownies – to one where you can select your favourite trees. The world has gone app crazy!

And those who are obsessed with a certain big day occurring on April 29th involving Prince William and Kate Middleton can also get in on the action now.

The self-titled Royal Wedding 2011 app was recently launched for the iPad, advising people on etiquette and recommending how to host the best wedding party.

But fear not if you don’t have an Apple device as Michael Morgan, senior analyst of mobile devices at ABI Research, believes the Android cavalry is on its way.

He recently speculated the Android operating system (OS) could be the one developers target in terms of creating apps in the future, adding the iPhone OS will be their second choice.

This shift will be helped along as the Android ecosystem grows in size and improves its application store technology,

Mr Morgan said.

If this is the case then perhaps we will see far more apps created for various platforms, as well as Apple and Android.

Maybe then everyone can experience the joys of choosing their favourite knot, tree or learning how to perfect their etiquette.

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