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Tech Round Up

Samsung Releases Free On Demand 3D Service

Samsung has announced it will be bringing on demand 3D content to the UK with the launch of its 3D Video on Demand Service.

Initially the system, which uses Samsungs SmartHub technology, will make 20 types of programming available, ranging from film and TV through music videos and children’s classics to documentaries and trailers. So far DreamWorks have joined Samsung in partnership for this service.

Andy Griffiths, the Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung had this to say about the service: “The demand for 3D is growing rapidly, but only a handful of channels are providing content. Samsung has led the 3D LED TV market since it launched last year and the roll-out of our 3D video-on-demand service demonstrates our commitment to accelerating its growth. We believe that in the near future every viewer will have access to 3D content in the comfort of their own living room through a Smart TV. We will therefore continue to develop our Smart TV offering in order to provide consumers with the best viewing experience possible.”

The On Demand Service is currently available on the D5520 TV all through the range to the flagship D8000 Series

RIM Recall Blackberry Playbooks Because of Software Faults

US Vendor Staples recently received a memo from RIM stating that some of the Blackberry Playbooks carried a software fault which meant that the units simply would not operate.
Our friends over at Crackberry were soon on the case and confirmed with the manufacture that the problem was indeed real, however the majority of users would not be affected by the software fault.

RIM have stated that there are approximately 1000 units currently in the distribution channels and RIM say they haven’t reached consumers yet. They went on to say we are working hard to make sure all of the affected units are replaced.
In the small number of cases where a Playbook is unable to load correctly upon initial set up please contact RIM for assistance.

Things are a little brighter here in the UK as RIM should have sorted everything out by the time the Playbook is release in the UK in a months time.

Got your name down for a new Playbook and tell us your thoughts below…

How to Cool Your Graphics Card

For a relatively small amount you can now reduce the temperature of your graphics card by up to 50%.
Ok, since the beginning of the PC, CPUs always get all the attention when it comes to cooling. Since it is much easier to overclock a graphics card than a CPU due to the fact you don’t have to mess about with the BIOS, you simply load up MSI Afterburner or other driver bundle and you can change anything from core and shader clocks through to memory speeds and voltage settings.
If you are an avid gamer you could find that you will get a more stable performance increase by tweaking your graphics card’s settings rather than playing with your CPU or RAM.
The solution? A cheap cooler upgrade that can potentially half load temperatures and give you much more room for overclocking.

UK Gets HTC Flyer and LG Optimus Pad

The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buys are receiving their stock of the latest Android tablets in the UK market.
The HTC Flyer will feature Androids 2.3 and cost £129.99 on a 24 month contract with customers paying £25 per month or £599.99 sim free.
The LG Optimus Pad is 3D capable, will run on Honeycomb OS and will cost £299.99 with a 24 month contract including a 5GB data bundle or £749.99 sim free.

Are you looking for a tablet at the moment, what takes your fancy? Let us know on twitter or facebook.

Audi R8 e-tron

Always fancied an Audi R8 supercar but put off by the petrol prices? Not a problem anymore with Audi’s R8 e-tron concept.
Scheduled to hit our roads in 2012, the R8 e-tron will be Audi’s first all electric car, hopefully spearheading many eco friendly racers from the German manufacture. Franciscus Van Meel, Head of Electric Mobility Strategy at Audi, has said that they want to be the ‘leading premium manufacturer of electric vehicles by 2020’.

Audi created the concept to ooze ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ encompassing Audi’s ‘Space Frame’ aluminum body frame technology. No specs have been released yet, however you can expect the car to be like its petrol guzzling brother including gliding smoothly down the autobahn at 187 Mph.
Franciscus Van Meel went on to say that

The R8 e-tron is a very important project for Audi because the competence and experience we glean from it will later flow into the large volume production of electric automobiles.


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