Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

Cats and dogs beware!
Cats and dogs beware!

Cats and dogs beware!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m playing a game on my PC, I don’t want to even think about my mouse. In fact, all I want to think about is beating the competition! But, of course that’s when I’m fully immersed, and to ensure I become fully immersed, the mouse is crucial!

That’s why the Logitech wireless gaming mouse G700 fascinates me. Aesthetically, it looks sturdy, like it will last long periods of intense gaming, but it’s the features that it offers that are of most interest.

It’s wireless for a start, which promises ultimate freedom – there’s nothing as annoying as your wire getting caught and dragging you back when time is of the essence! 1,000 reports per second apparently, but as long as I have continuous connection I’ll be happy. And connectivity issues are covered anyway thanks to the data over cable and a quick connect cable so pauses are a thing of the past.

Then there’s the control. The G700 has 13 programmable controls that are designed to perform “single actions and complex macros”. I’m impressed. These 13 controls have been designed so that you can find them easily when you need them but they are discreet enough not to get in your way. Just watch me delay action, repeat the good bits – the world is my oyster it would seem!

When I’m feeling the power and ready to kill the opponent, bring on the dual-mode scroll wheel so I can pick my weapon of choice easier. I’ve never been one for MMORPGs but I reckon this mouse would be perfect for the job.

One thing I do look for in a gaming mouse though is the ability to change dpi. I want to focus in on enemy targets at 200dpi, and then manoeuvre away fast when I want. The G700’s ability to adjust up to a 5,700 dpi resolution is definitely its best feature.

So what else does it give me? Well, it looks super comfy, or ergonomic I believe they call it. Cramp is not a war wound I want! The gaming-grade laser offers precision. The low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet (try saying that fast) mean that my mouse will glide, even on my dodgy old desk.

G700 also allows for schizophrenia. That is, you can program up to five profiles for individual players or games (keyboard macros and dpi settings). I’ll be able to play my way on other PCs and I can pop the receiver inside the mouse when heading off to a LAN party, cool eh?

Have I missed anything? This is one cool mouse, but it’s like opening up a whole hamper of goodies. Let me know if you have bought one and figured out even more useful devices on it.

Have fun!

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