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The latest news from the world of technology
The latest news from the world of technology

Microsoft Buys Skype Officially for $8.5 billion

After much speculation as to who would win the bidding war between Facebook, Google and Microsoft, a victor has emerged in the form of Microsoft. The cost of this victory? $8.5 billion or around £5.3 billion, which includes $775 million in active debt from Spotify.  So what do they gain from all this? Well probably most significant of all is Skype’s global database of over 663 million users. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said

Skype is a phenomenal service that is loved by millions of people around the world. Together we will create the future of real-time communications so people can easily stay connected to family, friends, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world.

Microsoft has its fingers in many pies and we look forward to how the integration of Skype will be put to best use.

Tell us your thoughts on the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft in the comments section below.

You Tube Adds 300 Titles to its Movie Rental Service.

You Tube has started to add another 3000 titles to its online movie rental service from this week. The service, which is owned by Google, is trying to draw people away from rivals such as Sony, Netflix and Apple by offering extras such as “behind the scenes” content to accompany full length movies.

As well as the addition of these titles, YouTube has announced that they will be working with their partners to produce their own original content.

A representative of YouTube said

Today, we’re going to start adding around 3,000 new movies available to users in the U.S. which will be accompanied by reviews and behind-the-scenes movie extras. Whether it’s short movie trailers, funny movie parodies or full-length blockbuster films, we encourage you to sit back and settle in to the YouTube movies experience.

YouTube has not revealed which titles it will be releasing yet, however it is clear that the company plans to use its massive audience to take on the giants in the streaming industry.

Samsung Galaxy S II Gets 3 Million Pre-orders Globally
The Galaxy S II smartphone has officially been announced globally by Samsung (and in some cases released) and has now reached over 3 million pre-orders for the company. Already launched in the UK at the beginning of May, the Samsung Galaxy S II has blown the smartphone market wide open and already proved itself to be a major contender to Apple’s iPhone4.

Sporting a 4.3″ Super AMOLED+ display, 8 MP camera, full 1080p HD recording facility and a dual core 1.2Ghz processor, this phone is thinner than the current Apple offering. Judging by the fact that the original Galaxy S received over 10 million sales in its first 6 months, the Galaxy S II is looking to be a massive success for the company.

Will the Galaxy S II keep its crown with the impending release of the HTC Sensation and further down the line the iPhone 5? Tell us your thoughts…

Apple Now More Valuable Brand than Google.
Much to the pleasure of Steve Jobs, Apple has been named a more valuable brand than Google, according to the annual Brandz study by market watcher Milward Brown. The massive success of the iPhone4 and the iPad2 has allowed Steve Jobs and co. to raise the brand value by an amazing 84% to $153 billion – a stunning £25 billion more than nearest rival Google who has seen its value dip by 2% to $111 billion, despite its Android OS growing at a faster rate than Apples iOS.

Tech and Telecoms dominated the top spots seeing IBM at 3, Microsoft at 5 and AT&T at 7. Vodafone was named as the UK’s biggest brand ranking at number 12 on the global listing with a value of £26.2 billion. Facebook made its debut in the top 100 this year at number 35 with the highest increase at 246% with a value of $19.1 billion.

Samsung Go Bigger, Much Much Bigger with 75″ 3D TV.
Samsung has officially released its biggest TV to date and the 75″ 3D behemoth D9500 now holds the title of the world’s largest LED backlit 1080p HD 3D television, toppling LG from the top spot. The Samsung D9500 boasts the company’s 240Hz display as well as the usual SmartTV credentials; a flip out Qwerty keyboard built in to the remote control and of course comes equipped with the latest active shutter 3D glasses.

Set to go on sale in the company’s native South Korea at the end of the month, this gargantuan will hold a price tag of ₩19’000’000 (roughly £11k) – not bad for 75″ of 3D immersion!


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