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Is Facebook going to launch ‘Vibes’ music service?

A software developer has uncovered a piece of coding, which has fueled a rumour that Facebook is going to offer some kind of music service – codenamed ‘Vibes’. Jeff Rose came across the unannounced service detailed in the coding, and with Facebook’s partnership with Spotify the rumour definitely has some legs.
Watch this space…

Acer Pico Projectors released
Acer is about to launch 2 new projectors at the end of the month, the C110 and C112, enabling you to watch your footage practically anywhere, whether it is the wall of a subway or on the back of your settee.

Taking a look at the 2 units you will see the C110 is the more basic, with a 854×480 WVGA resolution and USB connection, however it will offer you 20,000 hours of viewing on 1 bulb and a start up time of just 5 seconds. If you are willing to fork out the extra £128 for the C112, the unit you receive has the same 854×480 WVGA resolution. However you do get a 2hr battery pack and internal speakers, making this a truly portable system. When these units are released at the end of the month, they will be priced respectively at £199 and £229.

SkyGo will be ready for the Football Season.

Sky has confirmed its new service ‘SkyGo’ for the iPad and iPhone will arrive in time for the 2011 football season in August.

The service formally known as Sky Player was released in its new format recently for both PC and Mac, however the launch of the iOS apps is due later. Until then existing Sky Mobile TV users will be able to use their current Apps. The new App will allow those with a current Sky TV subscription to watch all 5 Sports Channels as well as ESPN and Sky News, while out and about, assuming your Sky package includes those channels.

Sky has also said that it plans to roll out more channels through the service over the coming year, which is supported by the firm’s recent acquisition of The Cloud, meaning they can offer free Wi-Fi at over 4,500 locations UK wide. If you don’t have a subscription to Sky you can take out a Sky Go Package which will set you back between £15 and £40 per month.

Broadband map of UK released by Ofcom
Ofcom has launched a new interactive map of the UK which details the services of broadband across the country.

The Interactive Map has been created by adding layers to Google Maps and using data from the UK’s ISPs. Ofcom has said it will update the map on an annual basis. Ed Richards, Chief Executive of Ofcom commented,

We are now developing a clear picture of the UK’s fixed broadband infrastructure and how it delivers for consumers, we hope that this information will stimulate further rollout of broadband infrastructure and better performance for households and businesses.

You are able to click on a specific area of the map which will bring up detailed statistics of that area. There is a scale in place which runs from 1-5 with colors making the range, green being the quickest and red the slowest. Statistics from the map show that 68% of homes in the UK currently have a fixed line broadband connection, and achieve an average speed of 7.5Mbps.  Brighton currently has the highest uptake of fixed line broadband at 80%, while Edinburgh has the fastest average speed at 10.1Mbps.

Take a look at your area by following this link Ofcom Broadband Map.

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