Are tablets shaping our future?
Are tablets shaping our future?
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Are tablets shaping our future?
Are tablets shaping our future?

Are tablet computers the shape of things to come?
When Apple released its first iPad there were those who were unconvinced of its longevity, stating that it was, essentially, a big iPhone and was impractical.

Well, many surveys seem to prove the doomsayers wrong and Apple’s sales of the devices are going from strength to strength.

Indeed, KPMG’s Media and Enterprise Barometer found that five per cent of consumers in the UK currently own a tablet. However, among 18 to 24-year-olds, this figure soared to 54 per cent, suggesting that the younger generation are very much interested in this new incarnation of the computer.

So what are people using their tablet computers for?
According to a survey by Kinetic, accessing the internet and using apps are the most popular pastimes. The research also pointed out that 11 per cent of the public plan to invest their hard-earned cash in a tablet at some point in the near future. Another study into tablet use by revealed that purchasing goods on the devices is becoming increasingly popular as well.

Nearly two-thirds stated that it is just as easy to go shopping on their iPad or other device as it is on their desktop. More than 71 per cent of those questioned said they have or would be willing to purchase items on their tablet, while 53 per cent said they browse online retail portals.

Rachel Smith, business services senior director at the website, said:

iPads and other tablet devices are also helping to drive the popularity of ‘social commerce’, with 53 per cent of online customers using their tablet to share online shopping activities with friends.

So rather than being a white elephant like some had predicted, it seems tablets are very much here to stay.

This is reinforced by the fact that every electronics company under the sun is planning to release some sort of device, with HP, Asus and Samsung among them. They will have some way to go to topple the iPad’s dominance, however, with the Apple machine shifting two million units in its first two months on sale in the US.


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