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TV Guide to the rescue
TV Guide to the rescue

TV Guide to the rescue

It’s official, I’m confused! This problem began the other day when I decided I wanted to buy a new TV. There are so many variations that I experienced a very dramatic wig melt, a phrase I have recently heard in reference to severe confusion!

Why are there so many terms involved in what should be the so simple process of buying a new TV? First there’s the high definition mindfield, that’s HD to those in the know. HD Ready or Full HD, that is the question and one I find all too painful to answer.

Then there’s LCD and LED. What’s the difference? And which would fit better in the corner of my living room? I think 32 inches is sufficient, the husband is desperate for 42 inches of screen. I want to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters; he wants Sky Sports and fast paced gaming. Can we get a TV that meets both demands? So many questions and I’ve not even thought about 3D TV.

3D TV, the concept that makes cool people look uncool with clunky glasses on. I’m not bothered but him indoors can’t wait to watch next year’s Wimbledon in a completely new dimension. Will it work in our home or will we need to sit extremely cosily in order to see a proper 3D image?

And don’t get me started on Smart TVs, obviously not a label I could give myself. Why is it smart? What does it give me? Will it help me answer more questions during University Challenge than its predecessor? I doubt it.

Anyway, if you too are suffering from extreme wig melt take a look at Ebuyer’s TV Guide and perhaps we’ll both be able to relax with a new TV before the end of the year!

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