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British Invention Show: Part 2

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The Ebuyer Media team delved deeper into the international focus at the BIS show….

Dental Inspection Camera

15 year old Lin, Ming-YI has invented the next stage of dental evolution. The standard mirror in the mouth will be a thing of the past when the Dental Inspection Camera hits the market. The micro camera is attached to a toothbrush shaped device that can record and playback a live image of the patients mouth. The image is illuminated by four led lights so the dentist can see if you’ve really been getting into your teeth brushing

This technology can lead to updates in teeth records including a history of photo/vide updates and the ability for the dentist to ‘replay’ footage for later.

Compact Rehabilitation Robot (CR2)

bis 2

The CR2 device from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, was developed by Dr. Yeong Che Fai and can provide rehabilitation for stroke patients. The robot joystick works using a mixture of virtual reality computer games and haptic technology. A joystick is attached to a variable motor which can replicate a variety of forces. It means patients can train both muscle and brain control at various levels depending on the stage of rehabilitation. The machine can cleverly replicate gravity, springs and even a sponge.


Humane animal Traps & Dubai 2020


Engineer, CEO and innovator, Ahmad Majjan came to the BIS with his humane animal traps. His radio controlled Eagle trap is controlled via mobile phone and alerts you when an eagle has been captured in a net. He also has a fox trapper, designer to pen the fox in a cage and then send the cage trapper a picture and live feed of the animal. It also broadcasts the location and time the cage shut. His company MTS is based in Dubai UAE and specialises in creative and innovative projects. Mr Majjan , CEO of MTS also promotes the UAE’s bid to host the World Expo 2012 in Dubai during his participation at the BIS

MIBA Museum


Pep Torres is the founder of the MIBA museum in Barcelona. He was promoting his museum of Ideas and Inventions with a number of products from Spain, including a vending machine that required you to ‘cycle for your food’- The concept was for you to earn your food before you ate it- If you could burn the calories off on the bicycle, you were given the food in the vending machine for free!

Of all his products, we were particularly impressed with the ‘Wakeup Pillow’, an invention by 9 year olds’ Laura & Sergi Pich.  The pillow vibrates when your alarm is set to sound! So much better than that annoying alarm clock barking at you in the morning.

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Danny Young

Features Editor


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  1. Paul Rutherford 26 October, 2013 at 07:31

    Might be nice if eBuyer polled the blogs viewers’ and got their opinion on some of these inventions.

    Then maybe eBuyer could decide whether or not to stock any of them – helping kickstart small (British?) businesses in the process.


    I liked the “Marxman” & would buy subject to positive review and an RSP of <£10.

  2. David Green 27 October, 2013 at 07:28

    Agree completely. I originally thought that is what EBuyer would be doing – helping to sell the products. Win-win-win I think the Marxman would be a runaway success. But no idea where to buy one at the moment. Google no help so far.

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