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British Inventions Show: Part 1

The British Invention show & awards is currently running at London’s Barbican exhibition centre this week (23-26 OCT 2013).

The Ebuyer media team headed down from Yorkshire to take a look at some of the more interesting innvoations the show had to offer and find out what could be hitting the market in years to come.

Here’s some of the products and innovations we found the most exciting:


Tying in with our security week one of the more interesting personal security products was the TRI-PIN system designed by inventor Glynn Reynolds. The clever PIN system is designed to protect the users pin number even if the initial combination is seen. Each numbered key has an additional two options – so on one key you have a shape, colour and number. These codes are then changed around each time the pin is entered. So a pin screen that initially looked like this:

tri pin 2

Could end up looking like this the next time around..

tri pin 1

The idea is that if your pin code is 8,Yellow, Green, Star someone following your keystrokes or peering over your shoulder would have a much more difficult task guessing your pin code.

The technology is ideal to be used with online applications but can also be retrofitted to cash machines with displays and pin terminals.

MOVE IT –Industrial Cardboard Furniture

Now stick with me on this one, because it is a bit odd… but does work. Engineer David Graham has created furniture out of… Cardboard. This is not your usual children’s box that could be a rocket ship, but instead super tough, industrial cardboard that becomes real furniture.

folding table

His initial product is a super quick assembly desk table that has a load capacity of 150KG, but it could actually cope with 1.5 tons evenly loaded during testing, – on a cardboard table! David was very clear to point out this cardboard is not your usual DVD case job, it’s super strength Industrial Cardboard usually used for pallets and packaging large, heavy goods.

What about water you ask, won’t a bit of damp cripple to table? Well we asked this also… The cardboard has a special waterproof coating applied during production with a second layer of varnish printed on top, the long and short of it meaning – waterproof cardboard.

move it pic 1

The industrial cardboard furniture is 100% recyclable just like any other cardboard and is ultra-sustainable in production. It’s easy to assemble and can be shipped and stored with ease. Its also lightweight meaning it can be carried around and erected with ease.


Morpher Helmet

After being in a particularly bad bicycle accident, inventor Jeffrey Woolf OBE was injured but still alive. He had his helmet to thank for saving his life. It was after then he noticed the vast amounts of cyclists that don’t wear helmets. After conducting some market research he found that 92% of cyclists don’t wear a helmet and a further 82% don’t wear them due to portability.

It was here Jeff had the idea to create a truly portable helmet- The Morpher folding helmet.


The Morpher is a fully folding safety accredited helmet. It uses a series of clever folding sections to interlock into a rigid dome shape. It then folds back into a flat shape that’s easy to stow away in a bag or rucksack.

Morpher is created by the largest helmet manufacturer strategic sports, and has all relevant safety accreditation for bicycle use.


Marxman Drilling Companion

pen m

Martin Chard has done what all great innovators do; invent something simple that solves a problem. The Marxman Pen is a unique marking system to help anyone in a DIY emergency, it marks an accurate point on a surface through fixing holes.

By pushing on one end of the device and lining the injector over the fixing hole, the pen delivers a short burst of dry chalk (or marker) against the surface, so when you come back with the screws or drill it’s easy to see where to begin work.

It’s a product Martin thinks should be in every toolbag as it’s a time saving, safe option for marking accurately onto any surface.

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