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win 8 boot DesktopAfter the release of Windows 8.1 it’s now possible to recreate more parts of your old operating system to go alongside the new Windows 8 OS.

One of the biggest changes here is the ability to now boot directly to your windows 8 desktop.

This means when you login, you’ll go directly to the familiar desktop screen, rather than the ‘new’ tiled start screen section.

The process is really simple:

Open the Desktop screen
Right-click on the Taskbar and choose Properties
You will now have opened Taskbar and navigation properties, click the Navigation tab.
Under the start screen section tick the box Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in
Click the OK button to confirm the change.

win 8 desktop boot

From now on, after logging into Windows, the Desktop will be your default start screen. To undo the process simply un-tick the box.
There you go, Windows 8 with the comfort of all your old Operating Systems. Enjoy



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