How to get started with your new laptop.

Your new laptop


So you’ve found your new laptop and are eager to go through the process of making it yours! But what is the best way to set up a new computer?

It may not be the most fun part of owning a laptop, so Ebuyer have put together a few tips for getting off to the best start with your new portable friend…

Your new laptop

First thing to remember, your laptop should be ready to go from the box. For the initial setup all you need to do is plug it in and press the power button. The laptop will then boot its own self-setup, prompting you occasionally for a username, password, WIFI code and maybe the odd security question

Next step, Learn the layout. Don’t panic, the jump from Windows 7 to 8 has been a learning curve for all of us. Give it a little time to settle in before you panic and go looking for your old Vista setup disks. It does work, things are just in a slightly different order to before.

If you have a mac, carry on as normal, nothing’s changed.

Customise your Laptop

Customise your new PC and set it up to how you like it. It’s a simple step but in many cases can be the biggest hurdle to truly enjoying a new computer. An old laptop is a little like a beloved pair of shabby jeans you can’t bear to part with. After a while, the denim gets tatty and you begin to lose important things in badly repaired pockets. What you really want is your old PC in a nice new shiny body… that doesn’t lose things.

Think about what you liked about your last computer?

  • What internet browser did you use? Are you a Google Chrome lover? Firefox fan? Or a straight up Windows Explorer.
  • Got your passwords?
  • How did you have you mouse speed set, do this new one feel skittish or slow?
  • Try a nice new background and change the theme
  • What did the power buttons do? Do you want to brighten the display?

Security. No matter what you‘re using, Mac or PC you need some sort of Internet security. Excuses can be made but if you wish to make a financial transition or go on a website you don’t 100% trust, you need some security. Chances are you needed a new laptop because the last one succumbed to an eventual breech in said security…or you threw it down the stairs.

File Transfer. One of the reasons you liked your old pc so much was that it had all your stuff on. It’s understandable, they’re usually rather important things. The best way to remedy this is to transfer all your files, this includes video, pictures and documents to the new laptop. It can be done with a simple Transfer cable or via a backup external hard drive.

A transfer cable is a short term solution as it will literally move files from one PC to another, think of it like a data bridge. An external hard drive will also do this, with the addition of backing up the files for the next time you want a new laptop. Think of it as a filing cabinet to back up everything you hold dear… in the computing world.

Mercifully, connecting to the internet has been integrated in the start-up process for years. No longer do you need to go through a manual set up, then tweak IP settings just to get online, it’s all done for you. Once you are online, go about the process of synchronising your accounts and getting everything updated. It may be brand new out of the box but the software inside the laptop could be out of date; Java, Flash and Microsoft Security updates tend to be updated monthly and Antivirus can be daily, so don’t worry if it takes a little while to get up to speed.

Remove the clutter – New Laptops come with a myriad of programmes and software to suit all needs. Many of these programmes may not be what you really wanted and can, in some cases, slow your laptop down. Consider removing programs you won’t use or replace ones with software you’ve had before. Note – don’t remove things if you aren’t 100% sure of their origins and uses.

 At some point during the setup your computer will ask you to Back-up your system in case anything goes wrong. It’s wise to create these files on a set of disks, external hard drive or USB stick so that if anything does go wrong you have a copy of your system to work from.

Then go ahead and enjoy your shiny new toy! 

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