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ipad air heroIt’s thinner, it’s faster, it’s sleeker and its out on Friday- It’s the new iPad Air!

Like its laptop equivalent of the time, the iPad Air is a real feat of engineering. Cramming an array of features into a 7.5mm body is an amazing feat.

It’s not as though the iPad 4 was by any means chunky, but designers at Apple have managed to shave 1.5 mm from the depth and a quarter of the weight. This is all whilst still keeping the beautiful 9.7” High Definition Retina Display

Weighing in at around a pound, the fifth generation of IPad is no heavier than a loaf of bread, but a dam site more exciting than even your finest seeded batch.

So what’s new?

Changes to the body and processer have been the most obvious amendments. The brand-new 64-bit Apple A7 processer is the same chip used in the iPhone 5s meaning it’s the fastest mobile processor available – Apple claim it to be twice as fast as anything on the market, and four times the speed of the standard iPad4- Meaning speed hasn’t been sacrificed for the sake of space. Although how you truthfully measure something to be “X times as fast” is difficult to understand in real time use… let’s just go for- It’s quicker.

The motion processor has also been upgraded from the 4 to the same spec as the iPhone 5s. The tablet can now tell with greater accuracy if you’re walking, driving, flying or sleeping- opening a world of apps and technologies.

The rear camera is the same 5mp from previous editions with improvements made to the front facing camera with upgraded FaceTime.

Wireless has been upgraded too, the iPad Air now has a MIMO 802.11n (dual-band) chip, supposedly helping improve wireless speed and range. For those gunning for the iPad with built-in data, the Air supports a wider range of LTE bands meaning better coverage and compatibility on all UK networks.

Battery life is always a contentious point as usage and display setting can sap through even the chunkiest of lithium ion batteries. Apple say the Air has an optimum battery life of 10 hours, so take that with a pinch of salt, but it is still pretty good for something with such an amazing screen quality.

Out of the device Apple have upgraded some of the key programmes: Photo, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote have had a facelift and tune up. More importantly in the greater cause, for the first time in Apple’s history it’s giving the new OS software (Mavericks) away for free! Is this a corner turn for the usually tight-fisted tech giants or just a play to dominate even more markets?

What’s missing?

With the endless rumour mill surrounding apple products consumers have been disappointed the new iPad didn’t come with a few features touted around. Its major disappointment has been the lack of a fingerprint scanner, however one can possibly accept the trade-off for the ultra-lightweight device. Others had believed there would be a golden edition of the iPad but again were disappointed. Let’s also remember the new iPad Mini will be out later in November.

ipad air compare


It’s very difficult to argue against the overall quality of the Air. To shave off that much weight and size from an already slim device is straight-up witchcraft and to twin that with upgraded features is a step into wizardry.

There are a few disappointed fans who wanted to see more features but what Apple have done is upgraded carefully across the board and not gone for a hang-your-hat or gung-ho feature.

In the end it’s faster, cleverer and so much more portable. Three major things you would ask for from an upgrade, and apple have delivered.

The new iPad Air will be released on the 1st of November here in the UK

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