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Media Players Explained

Mini Media Players

Ever wondered why downloaded videos sometimes don’t play through a TV? Have you watched something perfectly well on a laptop, only to find your TV doesn’t recognise it? It’s happened to all of us and the short explanation is simply, non-compatibility. Thankfully the answer to your problems comes in a little box and is called a Media Player.

It may be a little bit annoying but TV’s are often not compatible with all file formats, especially those manufactured around the time of the ‘Flat screen revolution’, some 10 years ago now.

Chances are, unless your TV was built within the last two years it may be incompatible with a host of file formats your computer has no problems playing. This is usually because your PC has the ability to connect to the internet and download updated software or use its operating system to convert the files.

This can be a nightmare if you’re trying to play video from a video camera, SD card or from a USB drive. This is where the Media Player comes into its own.

 Often referred to as a ‘Media Adapter’ or ‘Media  Player’, these Ultra-portable devices converts your files into formats your TV can understand. Think of it as a adapter for media.

Simply plug your portable storage in one end – SD card, external Hard Drive, Memory Stick, whatever takes your fancy, and let the Media Player convert it into a format that a TV can read.

Meaning you can watch your home movies, view pictures and listen to music directly through the TV.


These boxes can also prove useful for those who love to travel…. If you find yourself in a hotel room for the week with nothing but basic TV. Load up an external hard drive or SD card with your favourite movies, plug in a Mini Media Player to the hotel TV and enjoy your own videos without having to carry bags full of DVD’s and CD’s.

We’ve got three devices from XENTA that will help banish those error messages and unlock your portable storage a new world of viewing:



Xenta 1

This little box is the entry level Media Player. Perfect for those wanting to play a host of media on a TV. The device can play files directly from several inputs including USB, SD, SDHC and MMC. The Video output is via HDMI which is upscaled to 720p for high quality viewing.

The PDM05H supports the following file formats:

Audio: Wave, AAC,WMA,MP3



Xenta full HD

The larger Xenta HD box is useful for those wanting to take advantage of 1080p High Definition. With most movies now made for High definition, this box will get the most out of any HD ready TV. The Xenta also come with a handy remote to easily navigate the menu screen.

The FULL HD 1080p supports all the above formats and additional:

Video: MPEG1,2 & 4. H.264,WMV9/VC1,RMVB,MKV,VOB,TS/TP,MOV,MP4



 Xenta 1080p

The Mini 8GB is the most portable Media Player by XENTA. It is the perfect travel partner for those short on space and sockets. USB powered and the size of a credit card, the mini media player supports 5.1 surround sound, includes a remote control and has the option of both AV and HDMI output.

It’s full HD, 1080p and has an 8GB internal memory. This means you can load it up with your favourite HD movies, songs and pictures for a long journey or trip.

Its USB power means the XENTA mini can be a permanent feature of your home system without taking up any additional sockets or space.

The Xenta Mini supports all the same formats as the as the Xenta Full HD 1080p.


For a full list of supported file formats check the individual product pages here: PDMO5H, FULL HD, MINI 8GB

Note: HDMI cables are sold separately.



  1. These are good I have bought a few from Ebuyer and been reg cust for many years, not bought for a while but would like to !!! lol Quality goods and I have the 720p version in bedroom and gave 2 others as presents to family. Quality item at quality price from a quality company. Keep it going ebuyer.

  2. I often give Powerpoint presentations to up to 50 ladies at WI meetings. My presentation is on a memory stick and normally have to go to the trouble of using a laptop, projector, screen and loads of cables.
    Can I use the new Xenta player to give my talk and what additional equipment do I need?
    Regards Len

  3. Hey Len

    We have just tested this out. The media players will read certain text formats but will not play a full Powerpoint presentation. You need an operating system (Computer/Tablet/Phone) to read these files as powerponit is quite complex. You have a few options to cut down the clutter- Maybe consider investing in a windows tablet as many have buit in wireless technology. You could stream the presentation directly to a Wifi TV or Portable Projector. Hope this helps. Ebuyer team

  4. For PowerPoint you could save the slides as a folder of PNG images. You’d not be able to have any animations, but the content of the slides would be there.
    Some Projectors and TVs will also read a folder of JPEG images directly with just a memory stick plugged in.

  5. A recent visitor from Canada, asked how I connected my laptop to a computer to show what was on the PC. She said her laptop did not have an HDMI connection. Is there a ‘Media Player’ that will take input from such a laptop and allow connection to a TV?


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