UK National Security Week

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Here at Ebuyer we’re teaming up with a number of partners to highlight National Security Week.

We want to alert the public to some of the products that can help provide extra security and clamp down on identity fraud, burglaries and cybercrime.

Identity fraud is now one of the UK’s fastest growing crimes. With a fake identity, fraudsters can open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, buy goods and even apply for loans and mortgages.

It’s estimated that the average person will not know they have been a victim of identity crime until 7 months later.

Whilst people are aware of the dangers of identity crime, many consumers and businesses are not actively taking steps to protect themselves or their businesses.

A Study from ID Fraud campaign website shows that nearly a quarter of UK citizens have been a victim of identity fraud. That’s the highest figure in Europe with a further 75% of people been exposed to scams used by identity fraudsters, it is a serious issue for the UK population.

This week we will look to highlight how to protect your online identity and footprint with a guide to Anti-Virus & Internet security software.

We will look at how shredders can protect your business from Identity fraud criminals and how adapting your technology with Privacy products can make your gadgets much safer.

And we’ll view the array of CCTV and Outdoor cameras designed to protect you property, person or business from criminal behaviour.

For our recommend products to help keep you secure this winter click here.

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