What CCTV to use?

what cctv should you use

Autumn and Winter are peak times for break-ins, with the longer nights providing more cover, criminals use the disguise of darkness to hide their activities.

Burglaries have been on the rise in the UK, figures show a 10% hike from 2011-2012 and experts are expecting that to have grown significantly in the 2013-14 window.


It’s in times like these that protecting yourself from crime is as important as ever. Video protection is one of the best forms of protection as it can either deters the criminal from even bothering with the crime or simply catch them in the act.


We’re going to look into a few options you have to protect you property using the latest video recording techniques.




CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is a video system intended for a limited number of viewers. CCTV is used for everything including banks, traffic and offices. Its gradual development has driven costs down and is now and inexpensive option to protect property or to be used as a Home Security System.

A number of CCTV kits now work directly with your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can stream your CCTV footage directly to a portable device. This allows you to monitor your property whist on the go, and control the angle of the camera remotely.


K-Guard Aurorakguard cctv

The K Guard Aurora is a 4 Camera CCTV Kit that work with your smartphone to track and monitor movements in on your property. The Aurora has a wide range of features, including push notification, simmple DVR record, easy connection via a QR code, 960H recording resolution, HDMI output and even Cloud storage.


SMC4S CCTV Kit with 10.1in monitor

securix cctv screen

This Securix SMC4 combo set comes with a 500GB DVR and additional cameras. What sets this security system apart is that the DVR has a built in High Resolution 10.1” screen meaning you can set it up anywhere around the house or business to and watch in real time what’s going on. It’s perfect to set up in a small business where you need to monitor shop floor activity or in a separate room if you need to look after children. The 10.1” screen looks just like a traditional tablet so will not look out of place in a home.

The device is also compatible with most smartphone and Tablet operating systems including Apple, Windows and Android.



A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the device in which most home security systems record onto. Like an old VHS recorder the video is recorded on to a blank file, this can be SD Card, DVD, Hard Drive or as in more modern services cloud backup. 

The advantage of a DVR is that it can store many files (hours of video) in a small location, many manufactures offer full CCTV kits which include camera and DVR, but some are standalone. Buying a Standalone DVR is also idea for those wanting to keep their existing cameras but improve storage and recording.

Homeguard Pro 2TB 4 Channel DVR

home guard cctv

For those wanting more flexibility with their home system, Homeguard offer a 4  channel DVR ideal for large homes or businesses. These DVR’s are designed to be easy set up and can be used with a combination of security camera to suit anyone’s protection needs.

The 2TB hard drive can record footage continuously for between 100-400 days, depending on the number of CCTV cameras attached. The system also supports full 1080p HD with the ability select and deselect area’s for monitoring, meaning your alerts will not be triggered every time a garden tree moves.

The Homeguard is simple to setup, so you can quickly be viewing live footage on your computer, tablet or smartphone- accessed from anywhere in the world.


Location Camera

Monitoring secluded locations or trying to trap fly tippers has long been an issue for security systems. The isolated areas these crimes tend to take place in usually don’t offer a constant power supply. This can also be the same for animal monitoring or farm security. This is where Location Cameras can come in handy.

Location cameras tend be battery operated for long life and are often covered in thick protective cases to protect them from the elements

Secret Camera

cctv keyfob

You may not be James Bond but you can steal a few of his gadgets. This little device is actually a Xenta micro-camera sheltered in a fake car Keyfob. The camera stores  video on a 16GB MicroSD card and can take both pictures and video with a timestamp. The battery will last up to 60 minutes recording with 120 hours standby, it’s easily rechargeable via a USB

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