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internet security explainedEvery computer connected to the internet is potentially vulnerable to an online security breech. Protecting yourself against these malicious attacks has become an important part of modern life. But what is internet security and what are Anti Virus programmes?Anti Virus

Anti-Virus software is a crucial part of keeping your information safe. It protects your computer from malicious software, viruses and stops outside sources hacking into your computer.

Internet Security is the term used for a ‘full package’ of Anti-Virus security. This could include financial protection software, backup storage, mobile protection and anti-virus.
Internet security packages also offer protection when you deal with finances and purchases online. A computer without a security suit is vulnerable to a number of attacks, hacks and fraud opportunities the internet has lurking in its shadows.
 Naturally an Internet security suite should not be used as a standalone wall against the big bad web. It should be used with an up to date system, updated files and careful internet browsing. A combination of these things will keep your online life protected.
So what does an Internet Security Suite do?

These are the major areas in which an internet security suite would protect you:



Malware is the techy way of saying “malicious software,” malware refers to software programs intended to damage or trick your computer. You will have heard them referred to as: viruses, Trojan horses, or worms-



Viruses, can destroy a computer’s hard drive by deleting files, programmes and corrupting software, they are the most common general category of malware

Trojan Horse

trojan horse

A Trojan horse is a software programs that masquerades as regular file but inside houses a  torrent of viruses and spyware. These programs tend to hide in harmless looking files like games or fake antivirus programs- Once downloaded the horse is free and the files get out to run amok on your computer



A Computer Worm is a type of replicating virus. It buries deep into your hard drive and replicates itself so many times, it eventually fills up your memory and slows the computer to a halt.



Spyware – Spyware is a form of malware that acts as a spy on your computer. It can gather data from a user’s computer without them even knowing. Information it seeks can include anything from card information, to keystrokes, to passwords and even to your location.



Phishing emails are an attempt to lure the user into disclosing some of their important information. The most famous ridiculous Phishing email is from the ‘Prince of Nigeria, asking for a donation via credit card to help his country’. These ones are obvious but others can be much more convincing. Scammers have been known to replicate official bank and credit card emails. They would then send emails out to unknowing customers asking to update certain details. Once the customer entered their details, the fraudsters would have all the security information they needed to hack an account.

Spam– Unsolicited or irrelevant content you never signed up for. Often these spammy emails and messages can contain spyware. Anti-Spam programmes block out known spammy addresses and have options for manually setting trash bins for your own spammy emails

Here are few types of Internet security packages we have here at ebuyer:

Home Use:

Mcafee offer a full series of antivirus protection depending on the cover you need for your computer

mcaffe anti virus

McAfee AntiVirus Plus is the basic protection package. It will support you against Malware, run vulnerability reports and build a firewall so your computer is safe. This can be used by three computers at once for a year’s subscription.

McAfee Internet Security is a full protection suite.It will cover you against all the standard malware and viruses with the addition of an upgraded scanning engine and protection against spyware. It also has built in parental software and protection for your files.

McAfee Total Protection is the total protection package. It incorporates all the traits of the other editions like malware/spyware/virus protection with the addition of file encryption, quick scan time, social media protection and file deletion and shredding.



Norton Internet Security For small business use, consider the Norton Internet Security Package. Norton offer a layers of protection and a fast scans to protect business from: Viruses, Online identity theft, bad files and websites, phishing scams, spyware, Spam and social media threats.

Multi Device:

kaspersky anti virus

It’s not just computer that needs protection, if you use the internet on a phone or tablet make sure you are just as protected as you would be on a pc.

Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device, can be used over a multitude of devices (three) running on various software packages including PCs, Macs & Android. The ‘flexible protection’ will let you mix and match which security you need on each device to avoid slowing down mobile devices.





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