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WD Dual Drive 2

WD_Black2_packaging_Front_HigResThe tides of internal storage are changing as WD introduce the world’s first Dual Drive, combining both SSD + HDD to create a powerful yet spacious storage solution.

The 2.5” WD Black2 Dual Drive is a unique design as it fuses a 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD) with a 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) giving the user ultimate performance and storage capacity. It’s the next evolution for storage and peek into what we’ll see in the future.

Why do we need a Dual Drive?

Both SSD and HDD have their own respected advantages. SSD is has the benefit of a high transfer speed and compact size but is currently far more expensive than HDD technology. Meaning a 1 TB SSD can be 10 times the price of the same HDD. Combining the two drives together in the WD Black2 means the user doesn’t need to sacrifice speed for storage or cost.

Why Is the Dual Drive new?

Hybrid drives (SSHD) are around already, but the SSD capacity is minimal (8GB). The Dual Drive in the WD Black2 literally has thetwo devices working within one compact shell. Cutting down on space waste and increasing efficiency, performance and maximising the available capacity.

Is my data safe?

The WD Black² is much safer than using a standard SSD as your primary storage device as you have the options of saving data to a selected section of the drive or splitting data between both. You can even duplicate the data from your SSD onto the HDD removing the need for additional cloud storage or cumbersome external drives.

Why not just use SSD?

wd black2

SSD uses NAND flash memory which is a type of static storage technology that does not require power to retain data.

SSD is naturally a far more efficient storage process compared to HDD, however SSD performance can degrade when total capacities are reached, which is a major concern for SSD users.  The dual drive is built to solve this problem. You can move your larger data from the SSD onto the 1TB hard drive, ultimately extending the life of the MLC NAND and maintaining optimal performance. You can literally copy the SSD memory to the HDD, effectively backing up your Hard Drive within itself.

How can I use it?

The WD Black2 can be used in number of ways. One of the most effective would be to utilise the speed of the SSD by storing your operating system, games files and software applications on it whilst keeping your files (Video, Audio, Images) on your HDD. This would mean a boost in speed for booting your PC, Gameplay and software navigation whilst holding you important files on the ample sized HDD for when you need to access it.

Who is it useful for?


The Black2 is perfect for consumers looking to upgrade notebooks, small desktops, and single-slot and all-in-one systems with both SSD level performance and HDD capacity. The WD Black2 connects through a single cable and fits into a conventional 9.5 mm slot, with a super simple install process. It’s also great for those wanting to cut down on multiple hard drives when gaming, as the Black2 has all you need in one 2.5- inch case.

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