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Gadgets make to make the Christmas kitchen easier

shutterstock_88175467With Christmas coming round ever-faster, the thought of getting in the kitchen is one that might strike a great deal of fear into the hearts of many Yet there are many gadgets available that can help you enjoy a much simpler time in the kitchen or act as great gifts for your loved ones.

We’ve lined up a few products that will perk your festive food up and save you some valuable time to better spend it watching whatever terrible Chevy Chase Christmas film is on BBC2

Slow Cooking makes everything taste better.crockpot

Slow cookers are the ultimate lazy option for cooking great food. Bang in odd cuts of meat, stock and some veg and 6 hours later you have yourself a hearty winter stew. It perfect for those with time constraints as you can leave the appliance going and get all merry over the Queen’s speech.

If you fancy going a little more international, slow cookers are awesome for creating pulled meat dishes like BBQ Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket. Slow cookers are perfect for cooking naturaly tough meat or lesser cooks and turning them into a buttery dream.

The Crock-Pot Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is a super simple, easy to use appliance, the perfect size for serving two or three people a hearty winter feast.

There’s no need to worry about facing a dramatic clean-up operation afterwards, as the Crock-Pot contains machine washable, easy wipe stoneware leaving you more time to stuff your face with treats.

If that wasn’t enough, it even comes with a few recipes included to get you started.

Electricity makes life easiercan opener

It’s a fact that kitchen utensils are far cooler when they have the power of electricity behind them… It’s just true. The Russell Hobbs 14448 Electric Can Opener follows this school of thought, and would be a welcome addition to any home.

This easy use product comes with a number of great features, including a magnetic lid holder that holds the can in place for easy hands-free operation, while an easy piercing-action opens that pesky can of stuffing quickly and easily.

Additionally, it even contains a knife sharpener; perfect for ensuring your tools for carving the Christmas turkey are adequately spruced up.

Freshly Baked Bread- The Scent of Winterbread baker

The smell of fresh baked bread in the morning is one the finest scents to hit a nose on cold December morning. Add that in with a bit of Christmas Cinnamon and you my friend have yourself a festive start to the day,

One favourite gift for those with a flair in the kitchen is the Panasonic Bread Maker, which allows you to make delicious loaves of bread with minimal fuss.

Gluten free diet? Join in any way! This great gadget comes with a new 100 per cent Gluten Free Bread Mode, as well as Speciality Mode.  This enables you make breads from various grains and flours such as Spelt, meaning that you can enjoy something a little bit different without having to endure the fuss.

There is even a Jam and Compote Mode, which gives you the ability to create your own preserves.

An angled and easy-to-use control panel means that you don’t have to be bombarded with any indecipherable technical terms, enhancing this product’s ease of use.

Remember, make sure you measure out your ingredients properly, baking is a science. You can use this Morphy Richards 46183 Electronic Kitchen Scale, which features a super slim design and gives you an array of handy conversions to remove those measuring mis-haps.scales

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