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how to wipe a HDTake a look at this video from Ebuyer TV and learn how easy it is to wipe your old Hard Drive on both a Mac and PC.

The advantage of wiping a Hard Drive is that it does a far more thorough job than simply erasing each file individually. Wiping the drive and formatting takes the data off in one big swoop, clearing the whole disk for you to start fresh on.

It is worth noting if you have highly sensitive data, wiping a drive is not a ‘total deletion’. Scraps of data will still be left. If you need to totally wipe a drive for security reasons, specialist software and a more complex process is needed.

For most home users the process in the video will be more than enough.



  1. your formatting the hard drive does not work on windows 8.1 as it will not let you re-format your hard drive, so you tip does not work Help as i want windows 8.1 off my computer so I can go back to windows 7

  2. I have tried to format an xp operated an external hard drive to work on windows 7, nothing has worked as I now have a hard drive that I cannot use?? Any ideas would be useful.

  3. Aimed at John Grieveson
    Have you tried going into the computer manager and then going into disk managment then format that way as the manager always sees the hard drives, unless its faulty

  4. If you use Seagate drives there is a utility that writes ones and zeros to the complete drive overwriting all information on it. This should forensically clean all information off the drive. Be warned though it takes hours to clean a drive this way. The other way to forensically clean a drive is to smash it to pieces with a hammer, that way you are assured it will never be read again!!

  5. All disk manufacturers supply a disk utility program that can be downloaded from their respective websites and each has a utility to write 01’s to the disk to forensically clean them, they are easy to use. It beats smashing them with a hammer, unless your that way inclined! It also give you the possible opportunity to re-use the disk.


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