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The watch that doesn’t tell time


If you ever thought those minimalistic numberless were ridiculous, take a look at this from Norwegian designer’s skrekkogle. Meet the watch that doesn’t tell time.

The Durr ‘watch’ has no face, no hands and no ‘traditional’ time-telling function. It simply vibrates every five minutes.

Why on earth would it do something so  annoying thing you ask? Well the concept is, the watch is there to remind the wearer to make the most of their time. If you get a light rumble every five minute it’s quite easy to track how much of your day each task is taking.

Something you only thought took two minutes may have actually taken 6. The Durr watch would remind you how your day is being spent, in five minute increments. No longer will you stare aimlessly into space for 10 minutes without noticing the time pass by.

Initially the concept seems a little ridiculous but the first 50 prototypes have completely sold out. With a few positive reviews and an incredibly unique concept, interest in the £75 watch has now turned to real public demand. The Durr may be growing in popularity more than the Skrekkogle team had thought.

The watches are manufactured on site by Norwegian duo Theo Tveterås and Lars Vedeler, who made up the niche design company Skrekkøgle. 

So Is calling the Durr a ‘watch’ the correct description, should it really be a portable alarm, timer or simply a strap-on egg timer? What on earth is it?

The market is clearly expanding. With the introduction of wearable tech and smartwatches your watch can be a phone, gps and camera all in one. So why not have something else that simply buzzes to remind you not to waste time? You’ve got everything else.


One would assume that for something to be a watch it has to tell the time, which the Durr kinda does but not exactly as you would hope. It’s certainly no use if you wake up late for work, or to arrive on time for a train.

Many reviewers say the initial annoyance of something buzzing every five minutes wears off and becomes part of you daily routine.

Do we really  want our day micromanaged by a watch, so called wasted time can sometimes be the most fun.


  1. I’m not convinced this would work outside of my work environment where everything is geared to getting my kids to various clubs / buses at specific times…,
    HOWEVER… during work hours, if these could be configured to alternate between 5 and 25 minutes, these could be really handy for those people who use the Pomodoro technique to work!

  2. So just when smartwatches are starting to multiply, here comes something else wanting your valuable wrist space .. and some of these Chinese SMs are in the same price bracket.

    So I see this as too little too late. Smartwwatches can very easily incorporate this function and expand on it greatly.

  3. Honestly, for work i think this is an almost genius idea.. combine it with some of the time oriented methods out there (like pomodoro) and you could have the best possible way to manage your time.

  4. Another stupid idea that the usual stupid people will buy. You know the usual people that are under the illusion they’re time is more important than it is. Similar to the regular Joe at the airport that looks all business like but is really just a shelf stacker or a delivery guy somewhere.

  5. just about every smart phone can be set to give a vibration every 5 minutes or whatever interval you want it to why would anyone want to spend money on one of these but people still buy Apple products which are jusr as much a wast of money.


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