TV Size how big to go?

TVs how big to go textAs we see the influx of superior TV screen technologies, consumers are given more options when it comes to choosing TV size. Although TV sizes get bigger our homes don’t usually grow at the same rate, so what size of screen should you chose?

Advances in LED, PLASMA and the new OLED types mean that bigger TV screens are becoming much better value. A 50-inch TV that was once pushing the £1000+ price, can be picked up for as little as £500. As larger TVs are such good value is it worth getting the biggest screen possible or can extra size be a waste?

Here’s a simple guide to the ideal screen size, It’s all about distance and size:

As a simple guide there is a mathematical formula for optimum TV size. This is:

DISTANCE from TV (in inches) ÷  1.5 = TV SIZE (in Inches).

tv guide size

Unlike old CRT TV’s, your optimum sitting distance from a ‘new style’ TV (LED/PLASMA etc) is actually much closer that it was before. This is because the TVs offer far better pixel resolution.

‘Immersion’ in TV is something that manufacturers believe is the key to enjoying your home setup. Watching a movie in the cinema is fantastic because your whole focus is on the giant screen. No distracting lights, a huge screen and surround sound mean you are fully immersed in the experience

Sitting too far away

If you sit too far away from a TV you’re going to miss that beautiful HD quality your set was designed for, it will be like watching a lower definition set It’s also easier for your eye to be distracted by objects around the TV- a window, clock or lamp. This subconsciously distracts from you engagement and immersion in the media.

Sitting too close

Conversely, sitting too close to a TV can also spoil the experience. Your eyes will pick up on individual pixels or horizontal bars where the pixels align on screen. If you are too close to a big screen it may be too hard to focus on the ‘whole picture’, like sitting in on the front row at a cinema.

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