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Microsoft to Rename Nokia

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Longstanding mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is set to be renamed, after a full acquisition by Microsoft is expected to be announced this month.

The famous Finnish brand is set to be rebranded as ‘Microsoft Mobile’ in an attempt to align the phone manufacturing arm closer to the Microsoft Corporation.

The acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft in 2013 was an attempt to give the US firm a chance to close the gap on market leaders Samsung and Apple and chip away at the Android/iOS domination.

It will be a sad day to see the Nokia label finally disappear from the mobile world. It was only in 2003 that Nokia launched its ‘1100 handset’, which shipped over 200 million units making it the best-selling mobile phone of all time.

However failure to adapt to the modern Smartphone market and an inability to lower manufacturing costs like their Asian rivals meant the once market-leading manufacturer, synonymous with quality, slipped heavily from its pedestal. After 10 years of decline and on the verge of bankruptcy in 2012, Nokia we’re picked up by Microsoft in September 2013 for around €5 Billion as a carrier for their Windows Mobile platform.

After eventually dropping the longstanding Symbian OS, a preliminary partnership with Microsoft, saw Nokia launch the successful line of Lumina handsets carrying Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS. Although it failed to topple the current market leaders Samsung and Apple, the plucky Nokia handsets did gain praise from many reviews as well as announcing Microsoft’s intent to compete in the Smartphone market.

nokia lumina

The drawn out process of acquisition is set to be finally complete within the next few days with the 25th of April presumed to be the official date.

The name change is a huge gamble for Microsoft. Unlike the reputable Nokia brand, Windows is a relative unknown in the world of mobile phones, especially in eastern markets where Nokia has been so prominent for nearly 15 years. Many people are surprised that Microsoft do not continue to cash in on the solid brand image Nokia has built over the years.

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Danny Young

Features Editor


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  1. John 1 May, 2014 at 10:32

    I find it difficult to understand what inclusion of the word “Mobile” in the brand name achieves, when the word “Nokia” implies a mobile in the same way that “biro” used to imply a ball point pen.. They could have called it “Microsoft Nokia” or “Nokia Microsoft” and had the best of both worlds.

  2. Jimmy 1 May, 2014 at 14:07

    I think that Microsoft have made another Windows 8 blunder here, sad to see the Name Nokia go, they always had good quality products, I was interested in the Nokia Android phone but I don’t think I will bother now.

  3. Terry Proudman 16 May, 2014 at 10:34

    I agree,it will be sad to see a long and trusted manufacturers name like Nokia disappear from the mobile scene,I have had Nokia’s for longer than I care to remember,I have just purchased a Nokia Lumia 625 ,with windows 8,,so I will be able to judge things like reliability,battery life,ease of use , setting up,etc,and other features of the phone over the coming days,weeks or even months!

  4. Ken Adams 16 May, 2014 at 16:44

    I am amazed at this action, I have always bought Nokia phones, I own three, my wife uses a Nokia 720, smart phone and is
    very pleased with it , I now will look to Sony for my next phone 

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