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Firefox gets an Upgrade

firefox logo text headerIt’s been two years in the making but Mozilla have finally updated to their new Firefox Internet browser. The advancement to the 29th incarnation of its Firefox browser, the Australis interface, sees Mozilla look to challenge to the two current leading Internet browsers.

The market leaders, Google Chrome and Microsoft’s IE along are currently the dominating web browsers. However after recent dissatisfaction towards the leak in Internet Explorer and Google’s loose moral stance on the subject of privacy, take-up of the open-source Firefox has grown.

In an attempt to capitalise on this break in the market, Mozilla have decided to update their now three year old browsers to unsettle the two big boys from their perch.

It will be a difficult job challenging the immensely popular and sleek looking Google Chrome and with IE pre-installed on all Windows machines, Mozilla have to prove their software is worth the extra effort to download.firefox_australis_menu

So how have they done it?   

On first appearance you could be mistaken to believe Firefox has just borrowed its new design from Google Chrome. Rounded tabs, clean white backgrounds and the menu icon in the top right corner does look chrome-esque. However, Firefox still manages to hold its traditional Mozilla style look with faded icons, an oversized back button and isolated search box

The new browser contains a few tricks and design users of the old Firefox will be happy to see.


More sleek with curved tabs

Firefox has moved away from a straight-edged, blocky design we saw on the previous version. Australis is more chrome-esqu with simple curved tabs that blend into the background and less crowded dashboard.

Easy-to-find bookmarks

Mozilla has tried to make it easier for users to sift through their bookmarks. The manager icon is integrated with the navigation bar at the top of the page, in easy reach of the favourites star.

Firefox Menu

Mozilla has added a new “Firefox Menu” to make it easier for users to find key features of Firefox like new window, private window and tools

Easy to customize

Firefox is set to be more customisable with drag and drop options features for users that want quick links to section they use.

Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync service makes it possible for users to easily transfer their beloved features like settings, bookmarks and history from one device to another.logos firefox chrome ie

In the end it all comes down to usability, something that Google have nailed with Chrome and Microsoft are building to with IE 11. If Mozilla can jump ahead of the curve and offer the same seamless experience as Chrome, the branding of IE and introduce more morals when it comes to privacy Firefox might just have a chance.

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Danny Young

Features Editor


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  1. Wayne 2 May, 2014 at 15:02

    I’m sorry but there is nothing big in any of this “upgraded” news.

    I was a very long term user of FF but they lost me when it started to become a resource hog. I would assume it is probably level with Chrome in terms of resource use now but it’s too late, Chrome was faster and used less resource and now there is nothing on offer to tempt me back. I really didn’t want to switch over to Chrome but FF messed up big time and unless you pull something big out the bag I don’t see why I should switch back to FF.

  2. alan yeates 2 May, 2014 at 15:44

    Firefox nearly cost me a new monitor, I was plagued by fuzzy text, after they made their own ‘clear text’ changes. Swapped to Chrome and no more probs!

  3. Voidflakes 2 May, 2014 at 22:01

    See, now one of the reasons I love Firefox so much is that it DOESN’T look like Chrome or that other thing. Well, *didn’t*, I should say. sadface.jpg

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