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Over the past few months we have been hit by the Heartbleed scare and seen both eBay and Spotify suffer from being hacked, leading us to change passwords and implement a two-step verification process for added security when logging into our favourite sites.
Some people have also resorted to changing other passwords and racking their brains for more cryptic codes for sites with personal information, such as online banking.

Whilst these changes to passwords and security in the cyber world are crucial, it is also important to think outside of the internet. If you were to look around many of our homes you would find expensive technology and items of both great value and sentiment, with some of us having our pride possessions on display for all to see. Now, this isn’t to say that you should keep everything you own locked away in a safe, but you should have security measures in place.

Burglar alarms are always a great start, but admittedly they can be fairly annoying when they’re set off in the middle of the night by your cat, which is why some alarm owners don’t even activate them!
There are a wide range of hi-tech home security systems available to suit your individual needs and situation, including CCTV systems, intercoms and even Wi-Fi monitoring devices such as IP network cameras, with some allowing you to monitor your house 24hours a day. Some wireless cameras also operate through Cloud meaning users can open a web browser and log into the Cloud to both manage and see the footage or download an App to view the video directly from their smartphone or tablet.

But there are basics to do first…

Although we said earlier that people have been keen to step-up security measures in the online world, many of us still have passwords or bank details saved to websites from certain devices such as our tablets, smartphones or laptops. Even though this may seem like a good idea if you’re prone to be forgetful, it’s not such a good idea if you get broken into and the culprit has all of your bank details and passwords handed to them on a plate.

Having a more secure lock system in place is also an essential. Digital door locks are available but it doesn’t even have to be as fancy as that. Fitting a chain lock, a bolt or a hinge are all ways to help improve the security of your home and will make you feel safer too, knowing that there is more than just a standard lock in place.
Looking at ways to ensure that your house is more secure can be quite a daunting and often scary process as no-one ever wants to think they will be targeted. But just like websites get hacked, houses get hacked too, so it is better to think about it now rather than later.

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