The UK’s Fastest Fibre Optic Broadband

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Have you ever wondered how broadband internet gets from the outside world right up to your door? Or what the difference between a Fibre Optic and cabled connections is?
Well we’ve got the answers to some of your internet queries with the help of communications specialists KC.


Our friends at KC very kindly offered to show us the journey of their superfast Fibre Optic broadband; From its origins at the KC HQ, to the exchange, through underground passages and right up to your front door.

We also looked the differences between older cabled connections, seen in most of the UK’s homes, to the brand new Fibre cables that will carry the next generation of high speed internet.

KC Lightstream is the UK’s fastest consumer Fibre Optic broadband and is currently rolled out in the East Yorkshire area. For more information check out to learn more about superfast broadband technology.


Ever wondered how the UK’s internet speeds stack up against other countries? Check out our Internet Speed around the World article to see who is the best equipped for the superfast broadband revolution.

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