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Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly have always been the answers to losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle, however, as we all know, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Motivation is a major factor and that’s why many people turn to apps and wearable devices to track their progress and be reminded of their goals.

Fitness trackers, calories counters and apps that allow you to input your daily food intake have all been massive hits in the fitness culture market, so it was only time before the major tech giants got involved too.

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Earlier this week Apple announced their new Health app and HealthKit system in their iOS 8 presentation. The app, which is set to debut later in the year, will pull data from third-party apps so all of your information regarding your physical activity, weight and even medical conditions, such as blood pressure will be stored in one central location.

Following the announcement, Apple issued a press statement that said:

“iOS 8 offers developers robust frameworks including HealthKit APIs that provide the ability for health and fitness apps to communicate with each other.

“With your permission, each app can use specific information from other apps to provide a more comprehensive way to manage your health and fitness. For example, your blood pressure app could share its data with a physician app, such as the Mayo Clinic app, so your doctor can provide high-quality guidance and care.”

One of the primary uses of many fitness trackers and apps is to help people lose weight and feel motivated into exercising and eating sensibly. However with the Health app and HealthKit there is a stronger focus on simply being healthy, and in a time when trying to make an appointment to see a doctor is becoming increasingly time constraining, the idea that you can store everything in one place and keep track of your overall health yourself is surely only a positive.

Two minds think alike…

Samsung’s answer to tapping into the health and fitness market came five days prior to Apple’s announcement and grabbed a lot of people’s attention. The concept watch, Simband, is slighting different to Apple’s idea as it is an open platform and has been called an ‘investigational device’ as there are no plans for it to be sold anytime soon. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensors will work harmoniously to measure health factors such as your heart rate, oxygen levels, body fat as well as other health-related data.

In a release Young Sohn, an executive at Samsung Electronics, said:

“Digital health is an incredibly important area for innovation. We believe this initiative is an essential first step.”

This data will then be collected by the open platform architecture, SAMI – Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions – where it can be used in a variety of apps from third parties. Samsung have however said that this cloud-based service will allow consumers will be able to keep in control of the information.

Although this idea isn’t being sold to the public just yet and the South Korean electronics company haven’t disclosed too much information about Simband and SAMI, Samsung do have plans to make it available to developers later on this year.

What impact do you think these developments will have on the health and fitness sector?


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