Can you get a good laptop for under £250?

laptop under 250 header The price of computer technology has fallen tremendously over the last few years, and no area has seen a bigger value change than Laptops. But what do you really get for your money and can you find a good laptop for under £250?

£250 What was once before the price range for low-end Netbooks, has now changed to cheap laptops and value tablet crossovers.

laptop 25o 1

Laptops around this price are ideal for children, beginners and basic task users. If you don’t need a fancy computer for editing, gaming and or complex design, value laptops can be a great alternative to refurbished machines or for your fist step onto the laptop ladder.
What do you get for your money?

Users can expect to find a decent range of computers all under £250 but expectations should be managed. These computers will not be suitable for editors, designers or serious gamers but for students, first timers and basic users they can be ideal.

For laptops at this price range expect to find a basic to mid-range processor, usually Intel’s Celeron or AMD’s E2 processor. These processors are not the super-low powered, cheap parts you find in Netbooks so can be trusted to run a decent amount of applications at a smooth speed.

Most will come equipped with a generous allocation of RAM at around 4GB which is perfectly suitable for basic tasks, in fact many £400+ laptops will come with this allocation.

Hard Drives will vary depending on the individual specifications of the laptop but as a rule 500GB is plenty for anyone wanting to store an average collection of Music, Videos and Documents. If you think a 500GB HD would fit the equivalent of 250,000 pictures, 800 music albums or 150 short movies it’s simple to gauge your needs.

So what are my options?

 Asus X551MA Laptop

asus x551

Price £239.99
Processor: Intel Celeron (1.86GHz)
Ram: 4GB


The ASUS X Series is a great all-round laptop for work and play. The compact design is sleek and simple making it easily portable.

As an entry level machine,  the ASUS comes equipped with a Celeron Processor and 4GB of RAM. Its 2-second ‘Instant-On’ allows users to quickly boot the laptop in 2 seconds- giving you quick access files from sleep mode. The X series also comes with SonicMaster technology for great audio and array of connections including USB 3.0 and HDMI.

At around 2KG it’s one of the more portable value laptops still to come equipped with a DVD writer.


 HP 255 G2 Laptop

hp 225

Price: £249.99
Processor: AMD E2-3800 Dual Core
HDD: 500GB


Geared towards business or professional use the HP255 is a super low cost Windows 8 laptop. The basic but sturdy design is ideal for those wanting a laptop to complete basic tasks in a home office or on the go. It will happily run office programs, videos, light editing or gaming software and internet browsing and comes at a particularly competitive price.


HP 255 G1 Laptop (Ubuntu)

hp laptop ubuntuPrice: £209.99
Processor: AMD Dual Core E1
HDD: 750GB


For those wanting to move away from a Windows powered laptop the HP G1 come equipped with the Ubuntu Linux OS. The ‘free’ operating system is open source so you don’t need to worry about purchasing extras such as Microsoft Office. Although slightly less powerful than its Windows equivalent, the G1 does come in at an amazing £209 and it works right out of the box.

The Linux operating system is a little different to what users may be familiar with on Windows or Mac OS so do a little research before you take the plunge; Here’s our beginner’s review of Ubuntu OS.


Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-1E0

toshiba sat

Price £249.99 (£199.99 after trade-in)

Processor: Intel Celeron (1.9GHz)


HDD: 500GB


This Toshiba laptop is one of the cheapest to ever hit the market with these specifications. At £199.99 (after trade in) the new generation Celeron processor with 4GB RAM is fantastic value and would be ideal for students or beginners wanting to replace an old laptop.

For those on the move, this well connected laptop is has all you need for working from home. The spacious full size keyboard with numeric keypad is ideal for applications such as spreadsheets, and easy typing is comfortable. Connectivity is also in mind with a HDMI ports, both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports and SD card readers.


Lenovo IdeaPad G505

lenovo ideapad
Price £239.99
Processor: AMD Dual Core (1GHz)
HDD: 500GB


Its fantastic value, it’s well connected and simple to use. One of the cheapest 15” full Windows 8 laptops on the market is an ideal starter laptop for those learning the ropes.

With features geared around a basic user, the IdeaPad has some handy programmes and applications to ease you into Windows use. OneKey Recovery, allows simple recovery from viruses or other technical difficulties in an instant. The Lenovo Energy Management system protects long-term durability of battery life and the HD screen gives you a crisp view of the job at hand.



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