Essential Tech for Travelling

Essential Tech for Travelling

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Whether you’re a student about to embark on a gap year travelling around the World, or you’re using the InterRail to explore Europe, there are essential pieces of technology that you don’t want to be missing out on.
Check out our guide to the top gadgets for any newbie or seasoned traveller, just remember to keep them out of the sight of others and locked away when you can.

Canon Cameras
If you are a travel writer or specifically going travelling to publish photographs on your return, then obviously a professional digital SLR camera would be preferred. However, for all other purposes a digital compact camera will more than suffice.
Photos are an integral part of travelling, not only so you can make everyone jealous, but so you can capture every moment just as you have experienced it and review them over the years to come.

What to look out for:
• Pocket size, for ease of carrying around
• Autofocus (AF) system
• Minimum of 12X optical zoom
• Wi-Fi and NFC (Ideal if you’re not taking a laptop/tablet and want to share photos instantly)
• Front facing screen (Great if you’re travelling alone and want to be in some of the snaps!)


Acer B1-710 Tablet PC
One step up from your smartphone, but not as bulky or noticeable as a laptop – an iPad or Tablet PC is the perfect middle man. If you’re just travelling for two weeks then this may not be on your priority list, but for those of you who are going for a month plus, they are a great way of staying connected with people back home through e-mail and Skype, as well as browsing the web, listening to your favourite tunes and reading books.

What to look out for:
• Small and light
• Towards the cheaper end of the scale
• 8+hours of battery life
• In-built keyboard / kickstand


Sennheiser 250 ii pxc headphones
Although you won’t want to be blocking out the sound of a new City of village that you’re exploring, headphones are a necessary travel item, especially if you’re travelling alone. Being able to listen to music, an audio book, watch films or learn the lingo of the next country you’re heading to, are all great ways to pass time when you’re on another train or in the dorm room.

What to look out for:
• Over-the-head for comfort (Unless you have some especially-made in-ear earphones
• Non-branded (So as not to draw too much attention to your wealth)
• Lightweight


Apple World Travel Adapter Kit
Here we’re talking about both a USB wireless adapter and plug adapters. At some point during your journey you will more than likely wish to connect to the Wi-Fi, and with a wireless USB adapter you can. They are great for streaming or making internet calls and once connected to the USB port it can be left there.

Travel (plug) adapters are also a must and although you may think they are not the ‘techiest’ of gadgets out there but if you don’t have one you will find extremely difficult to charge up your tech, and if you are travelling to a range of different countries then a universal adapter or a World travel adapter kit is worth investing in.

What to look out for:
• Small and sleek (USB)
• High speed, 150Mbps+ (USB)
• World travel adapter kit (Plug)
• Universal, all-in-one travel adapter (Plug)

Are you a seasoned traveller? What are your must-have travel items?

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