Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide


It’s Father’s Day on June 15th, but if you have left it until the last minute don’t stress! You may only have two days to spare, but we have put together a Father’s Day gift guide to suit all dad’s!
Gift ideas for music lovers

iMusic Wireless Pillow and High Fidelity Headphones
The iMusic Wireless Pillow is ideal. Whether you agree with your dad’s choice of music, or not, this is a great gift for music loving pa’s and it’s easy to use. Simply plug any device with a 3.5mm audio cable (including the vast majority of mobile phones, MP3 players and tablets) into the transmission device provided, and the pillow will play the selected tunes.

iMusic Wireless Pillow, £15.99

Is your dad still listening to his music through cheap earphones he got in-flight? Buy him a pair of high-quality headphones so he can enjoy his playlists properly. The TDK ST800 High Fidelity Headphones are the highest-rated in our range, with an impressive 9.3/10 score.

TDK ST800 High Fidelity Headphones, £54.99

Gift ideas for retro dads

Arcadie Go Case and Retro Phone
Is your dad still firmly stuck in the ‘good old days’? He’ll love a nostalgic gift, such as the iTek Retro Phone. This novelty item plugs into the majority of mobile phones using a 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack, so he can make calls on an old-fashioned handset. It is also available in a wireless model, which connects via Bluetooth for dads that want to feel a bit more in-date!

iTek I58009 Retro Phone, £6.50


iTek I58008 Bluetooth Retro Phone, £13

If touchscreen isn’t quite your dad’s forte then the Arcadie Go Case could be a fantastic gift. It transforms an iPhone 5 into a miniature arcade machine, allowing him to control compatible games with physical buttons rather than the touchscreen. It handily transforms into a bumper case when out of use.

Arcadie Go Case for iPhone 5, £5.99

Gift ideas for foodies

Chef stand and Blender
If your dad fancies himself as a bit of a Paul Hollywood or Gordon Ramsay, why not buy him a fancy new kitchen gadget for Father’s Day? A food processor or hand blender is sure to be a welcome addition to his cooking corner! Check out the range here and find something to suit your budget.

Breville Hand Blender And Chopper, £20.99

The Belkin Chef Stand is also a cool gift for dads who love to get their recipe ideas from their tablet. With thanks to floury worktops and sticky fingers, devices can get messy when they’re used for recipes, however, this clever accessory combines a washable stand and stylus, so making any ten-inch tablet his sous chef won’t be a problem.

Belkin Chef Stand, £25.95

Gift ideas for golfers

Golfers will appreciate something that could enhance their game, so if your dad is always on the green, these Golf Ball Glasses might be the perfect gift. They boast blue lenses that illuminate white, helping him to locate his golf balls on the grass.

Golf Ball Glasses, £5.99

Why not package this gift with a Gone Golfing Driving Net? This portable accessory can be popped up in a field (just make sure there’s no-one nearby!) and used for golf practice — there’s even a chipping target built in.

Gone Golfing RY419 Golf Driving Net, £29.99

If your old man is a golf newbie then the Gone Golfing RY574 Essential Golf Set will be a fantastic present. It includes pretty much everything you need for playing 18 holes (minus the clubs).

Gone Golfing RY574 Essential Golf Set, £16.98

Gift ideas for gadget lovers

Yo! Bolt and SmartSafe
Dad can channel his inner James Bond with the ZEON Yo!Bot; a robot that uses a smartphone as its ‘brain’. Simply plug into a compatible iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphone, and operate from a computer to control it from anywhere in the world. He’ll be able to see everything your gadget’s camera sees, making it ideal for spying…

Yo!Bot, £12.48

We also love the ZEON SmartSafe. Forget using a key, dial or keypad to access secret belongings; this safe unlocks when a code is inputted to a smartphone, using the complementary app! It’s a fantastic desktop accessory that’s compatible with many iOS and Android phones, as well as selected iPod Touch devices.

SmartSafe, £11.99

The Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter is our final choice for gadget loving dad’s. It is the ultimate in radio controlled technology and comes ready to use so you won’t have to spend all day teaching your dad! Take a look at our video below to see it in action.

Nano Quadcopter, £39.99

Not found what you’re looking for? Browse the rest of our gadgets and gifts range to find the perfect present for your dad.

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