Hard Drive Recovery: Will a Hard Drive Survive a Fire?

Can a Hard Drive Survive a Fire?

Ever wondered how long a Hard Drive would last in a fire? Can the sensitive electronic equipment stand the blazing heat of a fire before the insides melt? And even if the Hard Drive did last, would it be possible to recover your files from the charred wreck?

..Well we wanted to know the answer as much as you, and our friends at IO Safe had the perfect test for us- A BBQ’d Hard Drive!

In this episode of EbuyerTV, Robb More, the CEO of IO Safe very kindly visited our Yorkshire HQ to give us a rather special demonstration on just how tough their hard drives really are! To prove that his Hard Drives were capable of withsatnding a serious blaze, Rob perched one of the IO Safe drives on a Firepit, stacked it with wood and lighter fluid and well… BBQ’d It!

IOSafe1IO Safe specialise in creating disaster-proof technology, so we wanted to put one of their Hard Drives through its paces. We replicated a real life disaster by setting one on fire, dousing it with water and then checking to see if our priceless memories were saved!

Be warned the IO Safe HDD is specially designed and super-tough, it’s not recommended to grill your home Hard Drive.



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