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Microsoft are looking to blow their Cloud rivals out of the market, after announcing Office 365 users will receive a whopping Terabyte of OneDrive storage space.
Once known as SkyDrive, the recently rebranded OneDrive service is Microsoft’s Cloud-based storage system. OneDrive competes in the competitive online storage market with other big names like DropBox, GoogleDrive and iCloud

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To compete, Microsoft have increased a user’s OneDrive Cloud storage allowance from 20GB to 1 TB, a pretty hefty 5,000 percent rise from before.

Users of Office 365 Home, Personal and University will benefit from the 20 GB to 1 TB increase. Office 365 business customers will also get 1 TB of OneDrive for Business storage, which was announced earlier in the year.

The allocation is based on individual users, not licenses, so for Office 365 Personal subscribers they’ll receive 1 TB of storage, however subscribers to Office 365 Home will receive 1TB per users- meaning a total of 5 TB of total storage overall.

The increase in OneDrive space is pretty staggering compared to other cloud services which tend to offer a maximum of 15GB for free.


So how much is One Terrabyte?

Well, it’s a lot- in numbers:1024GB that works out at about:

108 full length movies

500 hours of digital video

2,000 hours of audio songs

Or over 10 million large word documents


Click here for more information on Office 365 or visit the Microsoft office blog for more details about the OneDrive storage increase. 

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  1. I don’t care if its 1000TB I just don’t trust Microsoft or any other company offering anything ‘Free’ to keep my files safe & secure and not hand them over to the security services of any country so am definitely not interested in using the cloud. I’ll simply take the risk of loosing it for failing to back it up.
    Never trust anyone, all business men and politicians are thieves cheats & liars without exception!


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