The Android L Performance Boost

Get the Android L Performance Boost on your Phone
 As part of their developer event last week Google announced a new Operating System, The rather mysteriously named, Android L.
Although users may have to wait a few more months for the full update to take place, those with certain Smartphones can upgrade, at least part of their OS, right now!

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Android L, includes an updated user interface, completely overhauled notification system, smarter unlock features, and a much needed battery-saving mode. The update is also set to significantly speed up app performance because of the new ART runtime.

The move from ‘Dalvik’ runtime to the newer ‘ART’ runtime, is where users of newer Android phones can take advantage. Google had already included support for the ART runtime in earlier Android builds, however, Dalvik is left enabled by default on all models.

So If you want to take advantage of the performance improvements coming to Android L, you can do it right now, if you have a few minutes spare….

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How to

Just a heads up to people, we’ve had no issues with this update, but it is still technically a test version. So backup your data and update with care, if you chose to.

Most Android devices running Android 4.4 KitKat (or later) allow the ART runtime to be enabled.

We found some of the devices include: HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Moto X&G, and all of Google’s Nexus range.

To enable ART you need to access to the ‘hidden’ “Developer options” menu.

Go to your Settings Menu
  • Select ‘About Phone’
  • Find the ‘Build Number’ and click on it seven (7) times.
  • This will enable your device’s Developer Options, giving you access to more advanced settings on the phone.
  • Now tap the back button and you’ll see a new ‘Developer Options‘ item in the Settings menu above ‘About Phone’.
  • Open the Developer options menu, click “Select runtime” and choose “Use ART” instead of the default “Use Dalvik.”


The phone will then go through a restart and update process, should take a few minutes depending… Then there you go, a (hopefully) quicker update to your OS!

Android ART Settings

Just to be warned, some apps may be incompatible with the new ART runtime. If you do run into any problems, switch back to Dalvik mode using the same process. Always be careful when accessing ‘developer mode’ and do not attempt the upgrade if you’re not familiar with its features.


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