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Fed up of just one colour on your writing implement? How about those fancy pens with 4 different nibs you used to get at school, not enough choice for you there? How about 16 million colours?
Well for you design perfectionists out there, this might just be the last pen you ever need.
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It’s called the Scribble and it’s a brand new pen that will copy any colour you point it at then allow you write in that exact colour. That’s right, literally any colour you stick in front of it can be replicated!

Like a real-life version of the ‘pipette’ or ‘sample’ tool on computer design software, Scribble works by using an advanced colour sensor and a bright LED to illuminate and capture colours from any object in front of it.

The Scribble pen will replicate over 16 million different colour shades and can is capable of storing 100,000 different colours for quick use.

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There are two types of Scribble devices to be launched: one with an ink cartridge that lets you draw on paper with your pre-captured colour, and a stylus version, which allows you to work on a compatible SMART device, like a phone or tablet.

The pen comes with a mobile app which can capture your selected colours, as well as host ones you design yourself.

After capturing the colour, the Scribble app converts the image into a useable colour for the pen, which then directs the ink to deploy the correct mix.

Scribble’s designers say the pen has been meticulously designed with ink management in mind, claiming it will last up to “several months, depending on your usage.” Cartridges are expected to be around the $3-10 mark subject to colour and capacity.

Its makers believe the pen can be put to use in whole host of situations, varying from interior designers making colour notes, to artists wanting the exact shade a flower petal on their work.


The Pens will go on sale at kickstarter.com for a rather hefty $149.95 for the ink version and $79.95 for the stylus.

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  1. Appreciate this is an old post, but links to it are still being sent out by email as of 3/11/14 – the scribble pen is a scam and has been dropped from both Kickstarter and Tilt. Lots of information out there if you Google it.

  2. This sounds like an amazing product, i stumbled on the article through an email and wanted to see what it was about. If i was a designer/artist then 149$ would be a small price to pay for a physical pen that could reproduce any colour i wanted it to. Even a cartridge at 10$ is acceptable. I hope this takes off and becomes reality.

  3. Yes – what are you doing Ebuyer? This is being promoted by today’s Daily Deal email! Now if the pen did actually exist it would be really cool – but as far as I can see it was just a money raising scam.

  4. Makes me lose trust in Ebuyer that they still have this up and are sending emails promoting it… great idea though.

  5. Yeah very shoddy ebuyer, not impressed at all. Can’t believe you republished a scam, A SCAM! if you are capable of this how can I trust your emails again?

  6. Why are you sending adverts out for a product you don’t even have on sale (as far as I can see)? I can only assume that it is because you are taking money to spam your past customers. It’s one thing sending marketing emails but, this is just spam pure and simple.


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