Top 10 Accessories for your Laptop

Laptop Accessories

Whether you use yours for gaming, for business or for personal use, there are some must-have accessories that will make using your laptop safer, easier to use and all-round better!

1) Laptop bag/backpack

A laptop bag/backpack/carry case – whatever you prefer to call it, may be one of the most common accessories when it comes to laptops, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important, or lacking in what they can offer. Now, you will find bags and backpacks that offer copious amount of storage, have sturdy carry handles, and that have been especially designed for travelling.

2)Chill mat
Targus Lap Chill Mat

Laptops overheat; that is no secret, and if it’s a cold day sitting with your laptop on your knees is lovely and toasty. However, when you don’t want to use your laptop as a personal heater, a chill mat is the perfect accessory for both cooling down the laptop and you. Most are also ergonomic in design making it easier to type.

3)Privacy screens
3M Laptop Privacy Screen

If you frequently use your laptop whilst commuting, or you’re always using it when you’re travelling then a privacy screen is a must. There may be times when you’re accessing private information, for example your online banking or private work documents that you don’t want the nosey parker sat next to you on the train reading, in these instances the screen, or filter, means that only the person sat in front of the laptop (that’s you) can see the information on the screen.

4)Cable lock
Laptop cable lock

Keeping in-line with security (not that we’re untrusting…) a cable lock for your laptop is a necessity, especially if you are travelling it. The theft deterrent is great for not only preventing your laptop from being stolen, but also from any valuable data from being stolen too.

5)Extended laptop battery

Good for the environment and for you – what could be better? Swapping your standard laptop battery for a long life or extended battery means that you cut down on batteries and you can stay unplugged for longer, so great for commuting, travelling or if you’ve used all the power sockets in the room already!

6)Laptop docking station
Docking Station
Connect all of your devices and peripherals together with a laptop docking station. Great for home offices, you can keep your workstation looking tidy whilst also ensuring faster data transfers and constantly staying connected.

7)Wireless mouse

If you’re going to get a mouse for your laptop, make sure it’s wireless. If you’re a gamer then they’re great for total freedom of movement and with most gaming mice having a battery life of between 25 and 50 hours you don’t have to worry about them running out of juice. For non-gamers, they’re just well…a lot more convenient!

8)TV flash stick

If you’re a student, or about to be, then a TV flash stick is a must. The USB powered sticks enables you to watch, record and pause digital TV on your laptop! So if you don’t have room, or the money for a laptop and a TV in your student accommodation it is the perfect solution.

9)Wireless speakers
Wireless Speaker
Great for parties, or if you’re watching a film, wireless speakers can easily be connected to your laptop and allow you to seamlessly enjoy media through a decent sound system rather than the built-in speakers.

USB Collage
A USB stick should be something that everyone owns. Not only are they great for backing up important files, but they’re also great for sharing data such as music and photographs. With the memory increasing and the size decreasing, they are easy to carry around you and can be passed from one laptop to another.

What is your ‘can’t live without’ laptop accessory?

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