When To Save and Splurge on Tech

When to Save or Splurge on Tech

When to Save
When to Save or Splurge on Tech
When it comes to gadgets, prices often range from the paltry to the ridiculous. Technological advancements mean that basic items can be manufactured cheaply, but also give scope to make expensive upgrades. Knowing whether your needs necessitate saving or splurging can be difficult, but the guide below should help you use your budget effectively.

Are expensive headphones worth it?

Typically, more expensive headphones will deliver better-quality sound. That means that audiophiles and anyone looking to get the most out of their music should consider investing more to get the best kit. This is especially true when you want features such as noise cancellation or Bluetooth connectivity, which require top-quality — and therefore expensive — technology to work well.

Almost all wired headphones and earphones connect to devices via the standard 3.5mm jack, so compatibility should never be an issue. That means cheap products will still do the basic job of letting you listen privately — it’s just that the sound quality and comfort levels are likely to be lower. They’re unlikely to last as long as their mid- or top-range counterparts, either, so could be a false economy if you use them frequently.

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How much should I spend on a computer?

Toshiba Tecra Laptop
Deciding how much to spend on a computer or laptop depends on the tasks you will be using it for. If you simply want to check your emails and type up the odd document, a basic PC will be fine. Those who use demanding programs such as video editors need something more powerful, while multitaskers require something in-between.

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Are gold-plated cables better?

Gold-plated cable connectors typically last longer, as the material doesn’t tarnish. However, they won’t have any noticeable impact on the resulting picture or sound quality.

When it comes to digital cables, such as HDMIs, all perform similarly until the transmission length exceeds around 15 metres. In fact, the James Randi Educational Foundation offered a $1 million prize to Pear Cable, if it can prove its $7,250 speaker cables perform any better than cheap alternatives. The company declined the challenge.

Basically, there’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds extra on ‘fancy’ cables. All the great-value cables here at Ebuyer will deliver what you need.

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Should I spend more on a gadget case?

Gadget cases are basically a form of insurance, meaning that the amount you should pay depends largely on the risk you’re willing to take. Weigh up the potential cost of repairing or replacing your gadget against the price of the case to determine whether it’s worth the investment.

Something like the LifeProof iPad case comes at a price, but makes your tablet water-, dirt-, shock- and snow-proof. The Sandberg soft iPad case is much cheaper, but only protects the casing against scratches. The mid-range Targus Click-In Case helps shield the screen and casing from general bumps and scrapes.

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Should I buy a cheap or expensive camera?

Canon EOS7D Digital SLR Camera
Expensive DSLR cameras are almost exclusively the domain of professional and student photographers, as someone without extensive knowledge of the art will be unable to operate the camera effectively, and certainly won’t use it to its full potential.

If you like to take pictures on holidays and special occasions, then a mid-range digital compact camera is best. These devices will help you capture frame-, album- and scrapbook-worthy shots without any fuss. However, if you are on a budget, even cheap cameras are great for capturing memories — just be aware that you’ll probably end up with lower-quality images.

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Do you have any budgeting tips for fellow tech lovers? Share your advice in the comments section below!

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