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If you’re hoping to be flying off to University come September then it’s time to get prepared, especially if you’ve decided you’re going to truly embrace the Uni life and move away from home.

The time from getting your A-Level results and finding out which University you have secured a place at, to the beginning of Fresher’s week is limited. Not only do you have to sort out accommodation, but you also have to deal with student finance and make sure you have all of the essential books from your reading lists.

One thing you can get a head start on though is getting everything ready that you will need to take with you.

The kitchen

Kitchen essentials
Student kitchens, whether you’re in shared halls or private flats, come with the basics such as fridge/freezer, oven, microwave etc, but you will need some other essentials that will provide you with studying fuel and a quick bite to eat! Although if you’re in self-catered halls you can just skip over this section!

Crockery – Two plates, two bowls, two mugs and two tumblers will suffice, but if you know that you will be having people over, or you won’t be doing the washing-up straight away, then three/four may be more ideal.
Cutlery and cooking utensils/aids – A four set of knife, forks and spoons, along with a couple of chopping knives will be plenty! Additionally a tin opener (ring pull tins are usually more expensive!), wooden spoon, bottle opener, corkscrew, colander, measuring jug, peeler and cheese grater will all be culinary life savers.
Pans – A frying pan, one small pan and one larger one will be enough for you to cook a bacon sandwich and cook up a pasta dish.
Electrical items – A two slice toaster (nothing is better than beans on toast on a Sunday morning!), kettle (you will need caffeine and a hot chocolate with all the toppings in the winter) and an iron.

Your room

This will be where the majority of your time will be spent studying and relaxing, so make sure you take with you some photos or posters to put your own stamp on it and make it homely.

Laptop, TV and USBBedding – A duvet, two duvet covers (with pillow cases), and two bed sheets will be fine, but if you do want to make it feel more cosy then a few extra cushions and maybe a throw is a good idea.
Laundry bag and towels – The laundry room may be a bit of a walk away so a bag with strong handles is for the best. Your Uni room isn’t a hotel, so two hand towels and two bath towels, along with a bath mat will be needed.
Laptop and bag – All of your University work will be done and saved on your laptop so one with a good memory is essential. It will probably also be where you listen/download/stream your music and catch up on your TV programmes so a large display screen and a fast processor is something to look out for.
Memory stick – Although technically not something that will stay in your room, a USB stick/flash drive will be as useful as your right (or left) arm when you get to University so make sure you choose one that is sleek in design but large in storage.
Speakers – Wireless speakers that you can connect to your phone/iPod/mp3 and computer will be great for either when you’re studying, watching a film, or throwing a party.
TV– You probably will want a television in your communal space, so it may be best to leave this until you have settled in and then you can all chip in for one. Do be aware though that at University you will need a TV license for each room where there is a TV, not just one for the flat.

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