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iPhone 6 Rumours

Whenever Apple, or any other major tech brand, announce that they are set to launch a new device, rumours always start to circulate. Mainly about when it will be released, how much it will cost and what software it will have.

Some have been known to be fairly accurate, whilst others are just pure speculation that have been thought up and passed on- much like Chinese whispers.The internet is of course bursting with leaked videos and blog posts as well as worked out theories surrounding the release date, the cost and the special features.

Here are some of the top rumours from around the web…

Release date: September 2014 has been the most popular rumoured date. PCadvisor reported that there had been rumours that Apple employees had been told that they are not allowed to take specific dates off in September, meaning that something big is going to happen on those days…

Cost: The predicted cost of the iPhone 6 is mainly based on the price of the iPhone 5s, so is thought to start off around the £550 mark.

Display: KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the screen size of the Apple iPhone 6 will be the largest one yet, and will be available in two sizes; 4.7inch and 5.5inch. It has also been mentioned that the pixels will increase, but the icons will remain the same size, meaning that you will have more ‘white space’, and there are even rumours on 9to5Mac that Apple have spent $578 million on a deal with GT Advanced technology to speed up the development of sapphire glass displays, destined for the iPhone 6.

iPhone size rumours from MacRumours

Camera: The main rumour has been that Apple will concentrate on improving the quality of the images, opposed to fighting in the race for the biggest pixels. Believed to be 10 megapixels, the camera is said to promise features such optical image stabilisation, a new resin lens filter and sharper, more detailed images by allowing the camera to capture more light.

Platform: The recently announced iOS 8 is said to be the platform for the new iPhone 6, even though it is not due out until the autumn. This means users will have access to the new ‘HelahtKit’ service as well as Family Sharing and Messages Actually.

Other rumours…

• There will be no 16GB model. The 4.7inch version will reportedly be available in 32GB or 64GB, while the 5.5inch version will have 128GB of internal storage.

• It is thought that an A8 Chip processor, which may have in-built temperature and humidity sensors, will be used, and is said to top 2GHz but remain dual-core.

• Following the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Round smartphone and the LG Flex Curved smartphone it is thought that Apple will follow suit with a curved display too.

• NFC technology could be incorporated into the latest iPhone.

• The 5.5inch iPhone 6 launch could be delayed as far as 2015.

What rumours have you heard, and which do you hope are true?


  1. I look forward to the release and hopefully with the new break proof screen will be a much needed improvement. Apple give a great customer service if you ever have problems with their products.


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