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The season of holidays, travelling and camping is upon us and what better way to enjoy it than with a bit of music?

But without carting around your HiFi, what are your options when it comes to portable speakers?

Do you go for power, size portability or quality and what connection type is best for you? We took a look at a range of travel speakers’ ideal for music on the move and ready for the great outdoors. Check out our video from the sunny shores of…. Bridlington!


The travel speakers we took a look at covered three different formats: Bluetooth, Dock and Vibration. All three can run on batteries and can be charged via USB or mains. portable speakers

Many travel speakers also have the option of running from a jack connection, this allows you to hook them up directly to the headphone socket in your MP3 player, phone or tablet.

 For more information of the individual devices featured in the video, check out the links below.


Vibration Speaker- Adin 10Wadin speaker

Bluetooth- Xenta BeatBarxenta speaker

Dock- Otone Soundship

otone speaker


3 more, to tempt summer out…

Like playing the Beach Boys in April or dusting down the BBQ to tempt the sun from its cloudy shelter, portable speakers can liven up any summer day. 

With more devices now accommodating wireless, Bluetooth and NFC streaming your music to travel speakers has become easier than ever allowing users the freedom of outdoor music on the move.

So, we’ve rustled together another three travel speakers to give your holiday a sweet summer soundtrack! 


Wavemaster MOBIWavemaster portable speaker

Small, simple and efficient the Wavemaster is the idea mini travel speaker for those looking for a fast audio hit. It’s also one of the best camping speakers you’ll find. Its small size makes it perfect for throwing in bag, pocket or and using on the go.

Designed for simplicity the Wavemaster uses a simple 3.5mm jack (Headphone Plug) to connect with your tech so you don’t have to worry about zapping battery broadcasting through WiFi or Bluetooth. It also houses a simple Micro-USB charger for easy charging so you wont have to haul around useless batteries.

SondAudio Portablesond audio portbale

New to the market but packing enough tricks to sway even the hardest partier. Despite its compact size the SondAudio Portable packs a cracking punch no matter what you connect, ideal for use outdoors or with multiple devices.

For those looking for a bit of value the SondAudio is one of the cheapest NFC speakers on the market meaning you don’t have to shell hundreds of pounds on a flash stereo to pair with your fancy NFC smartphone. If you don’t want to go the NFC route, you’ll also get a traditional AUX cable, 3.5mm audio in and Bluetooth connectivity, meaning all your bases are covered when it comes to hooking up a summer playlist.

The SondAudio Portable is designed for a life on the go with a Long-lasting battery, we’ve had nearly 18 hours operation after a full charge. It also comes with a simple Micro USB charger for an easy power boost!

TDK T79074 A26 TrekTDK portable speaker

For those wanting something designed for tougher lifestyle, the TDK Trek might be the speaker for you.

The durable and rugged Trek is built to be weatherproof, ensuring your music keeps playing at the beach, camping, at the park, or wherever you take it.

The rechargeable battery will give you a solid 6 hours of playback and NFC, Bluetooth and AUX input means you’ll not be stuck for an audio source.

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  1. The best portable speaker is Ultimate Ears Boom (ueBoom) by Logitech. Ultimate Ears is a brand created by Logitech. I’ve get the speaker last month and the sound projection, strength, bass and clear sound is unreal. Also it last about 15 hrs of constant play at half volume which is OK (a bit too loud for taking). Also I can take it under shower or don’t need to worry about rain in the middle of BBQ. Not the cheapest one mine was £97 but it is worth every p. Also if you have a friend who own 2nd one you can pair them to play in stereo 🙂

  2. i find it hard to believe that mini rig speakers aren’t in this list, by far the best portable speaker going, sound quality is amazing, battery life is superb and the build quality (each is hand built) is amazing

  3. I’ve got a cheap Tesco Bluetooth speaker and a good quality jbl flip2 Bluetooth speaker both are excellent but if you want them to work perfectly you need an apple product since google have made a real dogs dinner of the android platform. I’ve had trouble with both Samsung and htc phones crashing whilst listening to music. I’m having to use an ipod or iphone or a windows 7 netbook with Bluetooth if I want to enjoy uninterrupted music


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