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A week ago today Apple gifted over 500 million iTunes users with a free album from U2, however, it didn’t really go down that well…

The free download of the album ‘Songs of Innocence’, that was gifted to iTunes users at the day of the keynote conference instead sparked an influx on angry comments with people complaining that it was taking up valuable storage on their mobile and other devices, that Apple had forced an unwanted album on them and that there were no instructions of how to delete it.

The other side of the argument is that it’s free music, and can you really be up in arms over something that didn’t cost you anything? However, the general consensus is that Apple shouldn’t have imposed the album on everyone, and instead should have done what Samsung did for Galaxy S III, S4 and Galaxy Note II owners and offered an optional free download.

One of the main issues seemed to have been that users didn’t know how to delete the unwanted album and at first thought their account had been charged. So, yesterday, after all the outrage, Apple created a help page specifically to walk people through deleting U2’s album. So if you were unimpressed with ‘Songs of Innocence’ landing in your iTunes account just follow Apple’s steps to remove it:

Apple U2 albumImage courtesy of Apple

 Do you think Apple should have made the download optional or or you or were you happy to receive it?



  1. I’m 100% sure that U2 didn’t give a free album to Apple. I’m equally sure that Apple passed all costs of the album onto the consumer. It may have only been £2, but I’d rather see a reduction in the outrageous price of the iPhone 6. Plus, I don’t like U2.

  2. I think you meant, ‘WERE you happy to receive it?’
    Apple are stupid in forcing the album on customers and why there was no regular option to delete is just plain ridiculous.
    It may not have been so bad if it was another artist instead of U2. I’m not sure however that ANY album or track should be free no matter how much the artist was paid for the marketing ploy.
    The best thing that Apple can do is free their devices from iTunes and give people a little freedom to download what they want from where they want. It’s getting out of hand what companies are expecting from us like our movements, likes, dislikes, name, address, phone number, email, our online activity, our purchases. There’s absolutely no privacy these days and things are going wrong when a company can install what they want to your device without your permission.
    When you buy something it becomes your personal property and you should be able to do anything you want to it and not have any interference from the manufacturer. You might only have a license to ‘use’ and not abuse their software but if you remove it and install your own program or firmware you are not violating any license agreement which is for the software and not the hardware. Apple like to keep it in the family which means your business is their business and when it goes wrong they don’t want to know.


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