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The announcements made at Apple’s keynote conference last week were a little bit hit and miss, and like all good rivals, Samsung have released a series of parody videos on YouTube. 

The two actors pose as Apple’s Genius Bar employees and mock the live stream, the iPhone and the Apple Watch, with each of the clips using the strap-line: “It doesn’t take a genius“, the hashtag #NoteTheDifference and a slideshow highlighting what the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can do in comparison. 

Each of the clips are a hilarious take on which Apple products were announced at the conference and reflect what the majority of the public has been saying!

When the Apple’s keynote stream went down…

Samsung mocking Apple’s insignificant changes to the new iPhone

Showing that the iPhone still can’t multi-task

Generally mocking the whole idea of the Apple Watch

Let us know what you think to Samsung’s parody videos below….


  1. As usual in an act of sheet desperation Samsung pokes fun at Apple features without showcasing it’s own. It makes fun of the iWatch but falls short of stating the truth. Which is that it’s own Gear watch is crap and nobody wants to buy it. Apple has class and quality. A product feature which continues to elude Samsung.

  2. I don’t get the humor at all. Samsung and Apple are beginning to be one in the same. Releasing multiple products at once with a plethora of features no one will ever use or at least get their money’s worth from. Samsung products are falling into the same price bracket as Apple products. Each company’s products have an equal ratio of good and bad points. Samsung products look better and have a greater appeal due to less restrictions which makes it a far better user experience.
    People who buy Apple products are conscious of their social life and surroundings and almost seem pretentious. Buy a product because it has something you will use, don’t buy it just so you can say you have it or worse, use it as a fashion accessory. It’s ironic because the thing that people thinks makes them look like a social butterfly has actually made them a social ignorant zombie. Everyone in town who’s walking in front of you looks like they have no arms and head. I was sitting in a doctors waiting room the other day with another 15 people. Only 3 including myself didn’t have to reach for a phone and not a single one of them who did actually made or answered a call. So what was it, you tube, what’s app, uploading to the cloud, playing solitaire? Or was it none of the above? Maybe it was just an opportunity to let everyone know they had a cool phone because the 3 people closest to me were just scrolling through apps.

  3. @Tony – As opposed to apple adverts that usually give you useful information like “the earphones are ear-shaped” to help you decide which $1000 device to buy…

  4. I think the message here is that Apple have now just copied Samsung’s latest products.. Big Phone and a Watch.

    There’s no innovation there, maybe they have improved on the designs.. maybe.

    I have the LG G watch, and it’s ace, does everything i need it to do. It may not look amazing, but it’s functional, and was in my opinion reasonably priced.

    I am looking forward to trying out iOS 8 on my iPad later

  5. The idea that apple copied Samsung’s watch is a joke. Apple were rumoured to be creating a watch for years. Samsung responded by rushedly throwing out the first crappy product out the door, and now they are claiming that they came up with the concept of the smart watch!
    The same thing happened with the iPad … rumours of apple making a large iPhone … lots of buzz … everyone turned up at CES showing their tablets before apple.
    Why do people focus on this nonsense instead of criticising the object in question. I like the watch as a gadget, but as a sports watch it needed to include built-in GPS like the garmin. If I wanted to go on a run with my phone I wouldn’t need the watch!

  6. theres nothing like a parody to get the isheeple going mental haha.

    it is great how you can charge them in the microwave though.


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