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One of the most used and loved rooms in the home is the kitchen and it has changed drastically over the years. Once a small hub with factory style appliances, the kitchen has transformed into a social space that focusses on making the domestic life easier and more efficient. 

As technology continues to advance and we shift towards making our lives more economical and ‘green’ our homes, and our kitchen, will continue to change. We are already starting to see how technology is making an impact and changing how we do things around the house, take the Wi-Fi kettle, or controlling your TV through your smartphone, for example, so perhaps the notion of a smart home isn’t too far away.

Check out our infographic to see just how much kitchen appliances have changed and what’s in store for the future. 

Kitchen Appliance Info


  1. The kitchen change seems to have passed you by, I use a small Induction hob and ceramic frying pans and saucepans, Check them out. Induction is fast and economical and ceramic is so easy and ideal for the lazy cook as nothing sticks and they are so easy to clean

  2. I still prefer to use wood and dry leaves to light up the fire in my back yard and cook on it, however i treat my self sometimes by using charcoal. nothing much changed for me however since i have bought a new router the wifi signals are good outside now while i cook on wood but i am still unable to light up the wood or charcoal using my wifi in the garden may be some day.

  3. I enjoyed your infographic showing the historical progression of kitchen design..things are so much in flux at the moment, and there is space for everyone to go their own way. That is what I love at the moment – the endless possibilities!


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