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crimewatcher app

Everyone likes to think their home is in a safe area, but how much information do you actually know about crimes committed on your doorstep? 

Have you ever wondered how many burglaries are reported in your local area, or are you just curious about the crime statistics near your home? Well this rather handy app from Yale tells you exactly that.
The Yale CrimeWatcher App allows you to view the crime statistics in your area and see how many burglaries have taken place close to your home.


Simply type in your postcode into the app (or website) and the programme generates a mapped area marked with a months’ worth of crimes within a mile of your home. You can then click the highlighted pins to show details of the crime and how it’s progressing.

The app has been launched to coincide with October’s National Home Security Month, a joint campaign to highlight security issues that occur as the dark winter night drawn in and how to best protect your home and possessions.


After researching the safety of your area, the Yale app offers an information page about securing a home. The interactive guide covers alarms, doors, safes and windows, highlighting weak or susceptible areas for a security breech in your home.

Click here for more information about Yale’s Easy Fit Alarms or visit the Ebuyer Security Page for a wide range of products to protect your home.


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