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Is your Smart TV a little dated, does it lack some of your favourite on demand services or is it just a little slow? Well you might be interested in this rather handy Multi Media box from EMTEC- The Movie Cube.

The Movie Cube is bit of an all in one device, combining the features of AppleTV, Roku, Android and a Freeview player.

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Android on your TVandroid on tv

Based on Android’s Jelly Bean platform the Movie Cube primarily acts as a SmartBox, basically turning your TV into giant tablet. However unlike the old HDMI Android sticks, the Movie Cube is fully Google Certified, meaning you get access to Android Play, Movies and Music.

This access to the full Android suite means you can basically load anything you would normally have on tablet. Install Netflix, Facebook, Games, Movies or anything you want.

Unlike systems like Roku and Apple TV, which are restricted to tailored apps, the Movie Cube can play anything downloadable from the Google Play store. This can be anything from simple streaming apps like BBC iPlayer to a more complex media suites like XMBC.


External Hardware

The Movie Cube has a slightly miserly 5GB of internal storage, enough for the apps you need but way too small for storming movies or even a music collection.

Luckily the box has two built in USB ports if you fancy watching a movie from your external hard drive, or want to quickly view something from flash drive. You can also connect external controllers to the box for playing Android games.



movie cube freeview

For those with slow WiFi or if you just want to watch a bit of digital TV for a change, the Movie Cube has a built in coaxial for watching live TV. This means you can replace your old Freeview box without losing your existing free digital channels.

The special pre-installed app also allows for live “pause and go TV”, although this does require external storage to be plugged in.



As with Google Chrome, the Movie Cube offers a mirroring service from your phone or tablet so you can throw whatever’s on your portable device to the big screen.


Keyboard Remotemovie cube remote

What held back the original Android HDMI sticks, was the lack of a complete remote, it was incredibly frustrating manually scrolling and typing in single letters.

EMTEC seemingly pre-empted these problems and equipped the Movie Cube with a full QWERTY keyboard remote, so you don’t have to spend half your search time individually typing letters into your Netflix search bar.


Size and Connectivitymovie cube external

The Movie Cube measures in at 128x128x33mm, which is about the size of an external hard drive. So it can fit pretty easily behind a TV without clogging up too much room. Connection to a TV is also pretty easy via a HDMI cable.

The Movie Cube is set to be released at Ebuyer in the coming months priced around £100-130. Keep checking for updates.


Technical Specs

Processor: ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1.5 GHz

Memory: DDR 1GB, Flash 8GB

Operating system: Android 4.2 Jellybean

Networking: WiFi and Ethernet

Connections: USB 2.0, Optical Audio Output, TV Antenna, Ethernet & HDMI



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  1. Shame it is running an old version of Android and it is not even released yet 🙁
    Also I can’t connect it to a TV without HDMI
    Or connect it to my surround sound system (unless I have a spare optical input)

  2. Spoke to the manufacturers, there will be over air updates available, so should be able to upgrade.


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