Decoding Dyslexia

Although 1 in 10 children in the UK are diagnosed with dyslexia, there are still many misconceptions about the learning disorder. Many people think that it is linked to IQ, that it is only a problem with letters or words and that it is the same for everyone. In reality though, each case of dyslexia is different and sadly there are a few cases that go missed and are not picked up on in school. 

Education can be a very difficult time for children and students that have dyslexia, however, thanks to technological advances, tools and aids such as note taking pens, dot paper and screen overlays can be used to make learning and studying more manageable. 

National Dyslexia Awareness Week commences on the 3rd November and runs until the 9th. Make yourself aware of the facts and check out the infographic below.  


Decoding Dyslexia from Media Works

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