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A History of Christmas Lights

From candles and LEDs to fairy lights and mini-filaments, check out our brief history to Christmas lights and how we illuminate the hell out of December!

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Danny Young

Features Editor


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  1. Bill Hodgson 23 December, 2016 at 09:20

    I can still remember having candles on the Christmas tree during my childhood in the late 1950s. Houses then weren’t full of sockets as they are today, and a living room might have had only had one or two single sockets, so there may not have been a spare socket to plug Christmas tree lights into. Sets of ‘fairy lights’ as they were known often came fitted with bayonet plug, so they could replace a bulb in a lamp.

    People who didn’t have fairy lights generally used a lot of tinsel, and often had three or four candles in candle-holders clipped to the branches of the tree.

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