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install SSD titleThinking about installing an SSD drive to your desktop to speed up your system or just replacing your old Hard Drive with something a little zippier?

Check out our video guide to installing a Solid State Drive into your desktop:

For more information on Solid State Drives check out our product guide, or take a look at Ebuyer’s selection of SSDs here.

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  1. This video shows you how to insert an ssd into a computer case, which I’m sure most people know already, but fails to show how you transfer your OS from the old hard drive to the new SSD, which can be a real chore in Windows 8!

    I found it a complete waste of time. It assumes you reinstall the OS from scratch which is NOT what most people upgrading to an SSD will want to do!

  2. It assumes correctly, moving for a traditional spinning drive to an SSD, best practice would be to do a fresh install of the OS, this allows you to configure the system properly for trim setting, remapping your user and data files to a larger storage drive etc.
    As to this being a chore with windows 8! after a fresh install assuming you configured windows 8 with a Microsoft account password and One rive cloud storage setting, the majority of your user configuration should transfer prety much automatically

  3. In my humble opinion you should be able to do a clone from your normal drive to an ssd

  4. I just stick mine anywhere with double sided tape , main drives been there 3 years without issues 🙂

  5. I agree with Mark’s comment. Anyone buying an SSD would know how to physically install it but what would be more useful is a guide to the best way to put an OS onto it if you only have an OEM version of windows.

  6. So, the issues involved in installing an SSD is simply to remove four screws from the hard drive and use them to secure the SSD. I wonder what the author would have written about how to do a heart transplant – ‘you simply cut out the old heart and sew in the new one’ Great!

  7. Yes would have been better to focus on the S/W issues rather than what is a fairly simple H/W install. Just bought a new system with the OS on a spinning drive. Explaining how to find your licence key or how to clone would go a long way here.

  8. My Samsung SSD came with a cd to clone my windows 8.1 and everything on my old hard drive was transferred across without any problems, Being an impatient person I wouldn’t be without my SSD it loads up and shuts down in seconds and any apps you click on are with you in no time, if you can afford it treat yourself !!!!!!!!

  9. Samsung drives have Magician and Data Migration Software bundled, you opt for the transfer cable and swap the entire drive and operating system over. Works smoothly and reliably, after testing for a while stick the original drive in as well, formatted as a storage drive or even to hold a system disc image in case of failure.

  10. A simple method to transfer your OS. It may not work for everybody and in every situation but it does most of the time.

    1) Clone your old hard disk using a free imaging software (Macrium Reflect free edition works really well).

    2) Save the image to an external USB hard disk or to a USB flash drive (they are really cheap nowadays).

    3) Install your new SSD drive.

    4) Restore the saved image to your new drive.

    Hope this helps.

  11. Todo backup is a really easy option, install the SSD as slave and use Todo to transfer everything from your olddrive, it also has the option to optimize the OS for the new SSD. When done set the new SSD as master.

  12. I just got my first SSD couple of days ago. Got a Kingston HyoerX 480GB. Goes with my Kingston HyperX Ram. So far havent had chance to properly try it but I have stuck GTA-V on it and it loads in 10 – 15secs where as on my old HDD it took almost 2mins to load. The games massive and takes 65GB on the system due to its huge standbox size

  13. SSD’s are great, but DO NOT use them if you’re planning to use hybrid sleep or hibernate and you have lots of RAM. Six times per day hibernating a notebook or PC with 24Gb of RAM will kill off your SSD rather fast.

  14. Guys, Guys, you clearly didn’t watch the video through to the end!!!
    The drive came with and OS 🙂 Doh!

  15. But Kev, the guide says it’s about “replacing your hard drive with something zippier”, not installing the OS from scratch! I’m sure many people want to upgrade in this way, and that’s NOT what this guide shows you.

    Having installed many SSDs in many PCs and laptops I’ve found there is a clear issue with cloning some Windows 8 installs where the disc identity is written into the UEFI BIOS. This means the PC will not boot from the cloned SSD until you go in and perform some low-level hackery. (All of this is well documented on’t interweb, but is still a major gotcha when you’re used to just cloning the disc, installing it and away you go!)

    So how about another video outlining how you clone a hard drive to an SSD and add it to a system?

  16. There’s some really good backup and clone programs available, some of them free. I recently upgraded from HD to SSD and used “Reflect”. Did take about an hour to do the job but I only had to make a few clicks and then leave it.

  17. I disagree with disconnecting the computer’s power cable – connect it to a switched mains socket, switching the socket OFF keeps the case earthed. That way,if you are wearing a fleece and walking on a nylon carpet you do not zap the computer’s innards with a 20 000volts static discharge…

  18. Do yourselves a favour a ditch Windows (7,8,10) and go for Ubuntu. Move all data to cloud or back up. Sync all browser stuff with Chrome / Google account. Swap out HD for SSD and do a lovely clean install of Ubuntu from a LiveDVD. If unsure about my brief comments just Google an appropriate term. You won’t regret it AND you’ll have a secure system that boots in seconds. :-)))

  19. Use ACRONIS Program to make a image of your Windows that you have on your old harddrive or make a usb version of your windows ie windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 install the image on your ssd drive and you will see much faster boot up times

  20. I agree with Phil, ditch windows and go with Ubuntu. After a year Ubuntu still loads in seconds, where as Windows would have by now been filled with bloat-ware and again sluggish. If you don’t want to take the leap straight away, ease into it. have a dual boot with Windows on your HDD and Ubuntu on your SSD . Plenty of info on intraweb. Also Ubuntu doesn’t need anti virus.


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