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CES is officially under way, and technologies biggest companies have been falling over themselves in their efforts to dangle new shiny products in our excitable faces. There has been a glut of reveals already at CES 2015. Here, we’ll attempt to keep you up to speed with the biggest announcements.

The most intriguing of which of have come from Sony. Putting it lightly, Sony had a year to forget in 2014. The now infamous North Korean hack rumbled on from mild security breach to international scandal, culminating in tech’s biggest story of the year. Couple that with a disastrous set of financial reports, and surely things can only better in 2015.


Sony at CES

In an attempt to forge a new path, Sony have thrown out a number of new ideas at CES, and are looking to see which of them stick.

Rather predictably, and less inventive than their other displays, Sony released their latest batch of 4K TV sets. The headline from the latest Sony Bravia’s to fall off the construction line is their remarkably slender figure. At its thinnest point, the 75-inch top of the range Sony 4K TV will measure up at only 4.7mm (making it slimmer than the Xperia Z3 smartphone). A number of other TV’s have also been unveiled, ranging from 43 to 75 inches, with all of them including Android TV and PlayStation Now. No word yet on pricing, but that’s probably for the best.




Other, more outlandish creations have seen Sony get a little bit funky in the wearables market. One new imagination is a unique twist to the eye wear market.

It’s no secret Sony are underway with their own, Google Glass killing interactive spectacles. But at CES, they chose to show off the Sony SmartEyeglass. Ahead the chassis and display coming all as an all in one unit, Sony have designed a bolt-on unit they say will be attachable to wide range of spectacles. Most of Sony’s current applications were limited to Sport, such as following a golf ball round Augusta. Not much else is known at present, but I for one am excited.


 Video- YouTube

Another enticing prototype could represent the first wearable built specifically for your ear. Sony’s B-Trainer headphones may look like a pair of ear-pieces wired together, but they could just offer you the motivation to keep fit. The B-Trainer contains all sorts of sensors and monitors that we now see in wearables the world over.

What makes it unique is the inbuilt storage, allowing you to upload music onto the device, independently of your mobile. As well as linking to your fitness plan via your mobile, the B-Trainer even has its own on-board fitness coach, who will mutter motivational musings as you run, as well as providing you with updates on your workout. It’ll even suggest appropriate music to you for that stage of the run, providing you with ‘eye of the tiger’ for a pre-run psyche-up, or ‘the final countdown’ for that final flourish to the finish. Rumour has it Sony wish to push it out to the consumer this year, but again, few details have been confirmed.




Sony did make a couple, less notable announcements at CES. Their involvement in a smart lock Kickstarter project from the World Innovation Lab is available from their crowdfund page right now.

They also brought out a new Sony Smartwatch 3. Technically already released, Sony’s ailing wrist wear is also now available in shiny steel. Improving in looks but compromising on practicality, the Sony Smartwatch 3 rounded off Sony’s scattergun CES.


Also at CES

Elsewhere, CES was filled with other exciting presentations, all containing lovely new bits of tech. Aligning with our prediction, 4K-based announcements were numerous. Panasonic showed off their 2015 4K TV’s, and confirmed Mozilla’s OS Firefox will be built into every one of them. Whilst Samsung also offered an olive branch to those stuck with a 4K TV and no content, with news of their upcoming 4K movie-download service.

The Japanese giants didn’t stop there, with their SSD T1 set to take consumer storage to new heights. Shipping in three tiers from 256GB to 1TB, the SSD T1 provides portable storage for the size of a business card and the weight of a AA battery.

Lenovo also got in on the act with the Vibe Band VB10, a trendy looking smart band, to be launched in April. Alongside, Lenovo also showcased a 13-inch laptop weighing in a just 1.72 pounds, and a collection of new smartphones, the Vube X2 range…..that won’t be released in the West.

Top it all off with a new Asus ZenFone Zoom smartphone, the world’s thinnest mobile device. Oh, and throw in a new phablet, the ZenFone 2 and well, you’ve got the best of CES 2015 so far.

Keep with the Ebuyer Blog throughout the week for all the best announcements. For now, head to our CES preview and yesterday’s roundup for more on the world’s biggest tech show.




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